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What are the World's Finest Chocolate?

Hi Folks What are the worlds finest chocolates?

My friend did a big favor and want to buy fine chocolate for her.. She is a chocolate connoisseur so It has to be really good.


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  1. You mean a pure chocolate bar? Or chocolate truffles / filled chocolates and other confections?

    Is she in NYC? Are you giving this gift in person or is this something that needs to be shippable?

    I personally love Kee's filled chocolates in interesting flavors like balsamic vinegar, creme brulee, kaffir lime, etc BUT they are fragile & don't last very long, and cannot be shipped:

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      +1 Kee's is fantastic, love love love the kaffir lime and the creme brulee is delicious, albeit a bit rich. My friend brought me back a box of Pierre Herme from Paris and it's one of the few chocolates I long for in addition to Kee's.

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        You are not exactly right on that point Kathryn. I have twice had them overnighted to me in Florida. I did have to beg and plead though...

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          To Florida? That's pretty impressive. I was told as well, at the store, that they don't ship.

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            They told me that too :). I just wanted to point out that the do, in fact, survive shipping quite well.

      2. Hi Kathryn,

        Yes, she lives here in NYC. I would like to give the chocolates in person.

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          I would do Kee's if she likes more modern, bold flavors. La Maison du Chocolat if she's more traditional and likes more subtle chocolates.

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            You know, I go for the more traditional flavors, and I still think Kee's are the greatest. To me, Kee's are the best made in the US.

        2. La Maison du Chocolat or Teuscher would be my choice.

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            It's been over 10 years, but the taste of the Esmeralda bar was unforgettable. I would agree that La Maison Du Chocolat is as far as one gets wrt to cocoa butter. The fillings at Kee's are very bold and whimsical (in a positive sense)

            1. Another favorite of mine is Neuhaus chocolate.

              1. TCHO. They're in San Francisco, but of course send all over the country.

                1. You might want to try LiLac in Greenwich village. It's not a chain and so anything you might give her will be quite unique. Of course the best chocolates are in France ( not Belgium in my opinion) -Patrick Roger, Patrice chapon, Pascal le Gac but they don't ship.