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Nov 5, 2013 06:40 AM

What's for Dinner #254 - The Leaves are Almost Gone Edition [through Nov 9, 2013]

Windy days, cold nights, and the leaves are almost off the trees. Oh yes, there are some stragglers, just like the people who sit out on park benches soaking up the warmth of the ever-weakening sun, storing it away like squirrels store away their nuts for winter feeding.

The Northern Hemisphere starts to turn its eyes away from Mother Sun to descend into the cold and dark, while the Southern Hemisphere begins to brighten and those who live there begin to enjoy their Spring and soon, their Summer.

So what wonderful homey meals are you making to help warm your insides?

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  1. As for me, tonight I'm going to meet up with a couple of friends to enjoy some libations, some Scooby Snacks and probably lots of catching-up talk!

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            1. re: scubadoo97

              Technically, a fictional food item that Shaggy would give Scooby Doo to entice him to do something.

              Urban Dictionary, it's when you're smoking a bowl of weed and you get a bit of the herb in your mouth.

              But NEITHER of those is what I mean! LOL

              I usually mean just any little snacks, or small apps - but we didn't do that tonight. When I got there, I saw a cheeseburger pass by as I was waiting for my friends, and knew instantly that's what I was going to have - and did. :-)

              1. re: scubadoo97

                How could 'scoobadoo" have gone this long without knowing about 'scooby snacks?

                Tasty snax is what it is....

            2. Chilly and soon to be rainy here in Southern WI. Last night we had sausage with peppers and polenta. Not much is more comforting than a warm bowl of cheesy polenta - I make mine nice and creamy.

              Tonight, the husband has requested tacos! Easy enough - I could go for some spiciness tonight! If the kids cooperate I may make up a couple of salsas.

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              1. re: tiffeecanoe

                If you have any leftover polenta, these baked fries are good:


              2. The plan for tonight is butternut squash soup (from the freezer) and salad with herb and buttermilk-marinated grilled chicken. DH is in charge, cuz I'll be volunteering.

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                1. re: ChristinaMason

                  Yummy. Love butternut squash soup. I have some in the freezer (just cubed, but vacuum sealed). However, DH picked up a nice fresh one because they were on sale. So guess that will be on deck very soon.

                  1. re: ChristinaMason

                    Butternut squash as a soup, in a soup, roasted - I eat it all the time (my father used to give this to us as "candy" when we were good - I always thought that candy=squash - until I was 5 and went trick or treating and no one gave us squash?!)

                      1. re: acssss

                        smart dad! that's cute. i am one of those people who can't really deal with butternut (or sweet potatoes, pumpkin, or other winter squash) unless it's prepared in a very "savory" way. my mom says i even used to reject sweet potato baby food. just needed some spice ;)

                        i did have the soup, and a little bit of the chicken, but skipped salad and had leftover pastitsio instead. it's been a long week...already.

                    1. Turkey meatloaf with braised kale. Homey and delicious.

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                      1. re: gini

                        I've never tried turkey meatloaf, just beef. Do you change up the spices?

                        1. re: boyzoma

                          I am not a huge fan of turkey meatloaf or turkey burgers (I do like, however, meatloaf or burgers made from ground chicken), but I recently made this Honey Barbecue Turkey Meatloaf and everyone in my family liked it. The first time I made it with ground chicken and last night I made it with ground turkey. Both were good.


                          1. re: valerie

                            Wow, that looks really good! Going to bookmark that one! Thank you.

                          2. re: boyzoma

                            Here are two I enjoy:

                            Make sure you add moisture and fat to turkey meatloaves - they need them!

                        2. Last night EJ was in charge of dinner, based on something that his boss made for them at the office and he was craving. A sort of huevos rancheros taco - corn tortilla, heated in a lightly oiled skillet. Once hot, egg on top of the tortilla and let it cook a little while to adhere to the tortilla. Flip the tortilla to finish cooking the egg, flip back over and add a few spoonfulls of black beans to heat through. Off the skillet, topped with some grated colby jack, pico and pickled jalapenos. It was actually really satisfying!!

                          Tonight is leftovers after hot Pilates. We made a spicy chicken pineapple stirfry on Sunday, so we'll finish that up along with some frozen springrolls. Easy, no muss and no fuss!

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                          1. re: iowagirl

                            What is hot pilates?? Is it exactly what it sounds like?

                            1. re: gini

                              Ooh is it like hot yoga? The only yoga I can tolerate.

                              1. re: gini

                                It is like hot yoga. The studio where I go has hot yoga (Bikram and Vinyasa), Hot Pilates and Hot Barre classes. It's my favorite place to be on a cold rainy day. And I figure it burns enough calories to justify my dinner! :)

                              2. re: iowagirl

                                That sounds wonderful, and a great meal for when there's not a lot in the house!