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Nov 5, 2013 06:15 AM

Qing Hua (Xiao Long Bao) New Location-St Catherine

I had a chance to try the new Qing Hua soup dumplings place on St Catherine and they were unbelievable. I'm a huge fan of their regular dumplings but the added juice in these just makes them that much better. One must be really careful not to pierce them in the steam basket. Each order is only 10 compared to the usual 15 but they are slightly more stuffed and there is a bit more dough so as far as I'm concerned it's the equivalent of 15.

I've only previously had soup dumplings at Mei (across from Myriade) which were ok but Qing Hua blows them away. The choice of filling is not as vast as the original dumpling offerings, IIRC there are only about 6-8 choices. They also have an option for fried dumplings which I would assume are rolled in the classic way.

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  1. Thanks for the report. I'm very much looking forward to checking out the place.

    1. Oh boy oh boy maybe it's the start of a Xiao Long Bao wave.
      What kind did you have?

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      1. re: chilipepper

        Chilipepper, like Sophie above we tried the beef/onion & pork/cilantro.

        I don't know what business was there before but they've done a decent job of aesthetic renovations (new tiles, new walls, new bathrooms, kitchen is brand new) so the place seems very clean.

        1. re: JerkPork

          The location was a generic sandwich place cum lunch counter La Croissanterie (which was there for quite some time).

          1. re: porker

            Too bad that old school mom-and-pop place had to close, their croissants weren't the best in town but they were baked fresh and cheap.

            Apparently Qing Hua is keeping its Lincoln Ave location open, but you wonder if this other outlet just a stone throw away is going to kill it eventually (or just reduce quality through lower traffic).

            1. re: MTLjam

              Thats 3 outlets now, I hope they do well.
              For some reason, I didn't take a liking to the Lincoln locale. On location alone, I'd likely stop in to the St. Catherine spot (for no particular reason...).

              I'm wondering like you, how long would they keep up at the Lincoln place if overshadowed (in cash terms) by St. Catherine.

              1. re: MTLjam

                I do appreciate that they decided to have a different menu from what is served at the other two locations.

                1. re: MTLjam

                  The 3 Qing Hua locations have same owner? Or this new one a franchise or what?

                  1. re: BLM

                    There is Lincoln and Ste.Catherine; where is the third location?

                    1. re: williej

                      Chinatown 1 near de la Gauchetiere.

          2. Went there last night, was very happy with the dumplings, we had the porc and coriande (our fave), porc and scallop and beef and onion.
            Service was nice and friendly , the girl serving us had a bit of difficulty in english (she brought us tea when we asked water, which was funny since we had been arguing about which one to get) but it was not a problem since she was very nice and earnest.
            Will definitely go again :)

            1. Xiao long bao in Montreal?
              Are they filled with broth that just fills your mouth when you bit into them?
              Every since i tasted this in shanghai, i've been craving them!

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              1. 5 of us went for lunch. We were only given 3 (!) menus. We each ordered soup dumplings from the lunch menu. We were entitled to salad which was included. The server brought only one tiny dish of salad. We asked where are the other salads? He muttered that was the salad for the 5 of us and walked away. Are you kidding me? The server came back with 5 glasses of water. We asked about tea. He said it's not free and would cost $2. The dumplings were fabulous but for subsequent visits, I won't be leaving any tip.