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Nov 5, 2013 04:55 AM

Beacon NY Restaurants

Where do the Hounds believe is the best spot for a nice lunch in Beacon?

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  1. Definitely Hudson Hil's. You might want to make a reservation because it gets quite crowded on weekends. Their grilled cheese sandwich w/bacon is fantastic.

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      Sorry, my mistake. Hudson Hil's is in Cold Spring (10 min drive from Beacon). Gerard's Seafood Cafe is excellent ( Poppy's and Homespun Foods are good for a casual lunch

    2. Thank you. Has anyone been to the Roundhouse in Beacon Falls?

      1. Ok, this is the only lunch I've eaten at in Beacon but Poppy's is a nice burger joint using local, grass-fed beef. And you can walk across the street afterwards for Zora Dora which specializes in popsicles with all kinds of interesting flavors. That's a pretty great combo in my opinion.

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          Zora Dora is fantastic, but they're closed for the winter. Love their paletas.

        2. I'll third Poppy's, great burgers but if you're looking for a "nice" atmosphere, Beacon Falls Cafe is very good. (Poppy's has a more casual atmosphere.) The Roundhouse is nice, I've only eaten there once on their patio and I found the prices to be reasonable. Although I just checked and the patio is closed for the season.

          1. Culture Cafe bar is new in town..probably over a year old. Best burgers in town. great culinary dishes! Definitely a must try. I saw they were top in brunches and breakfast spot but i drool over their lunch and dinner stuff.