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Nov 5, 2013 03:50 AM

Anything But Mall Food Around Crystal City Doubletree?

I'm meeting someone for lunch who's staying there. Looks like Fashion Center Mall is about half a mile away, not a bad walk. Pentagon Row has some more interesting restaurants but it's close to a mile walk, no problem for me, but might be a little far for my friend.

Since parking at the hotel is really expensive, I'll probably either take Metro or park at Fashion Center so I won't have my car to drive someplace civilized.

Thinking about Harry's Smokehouse.

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  1. I believe Lebanese Taverna's not too far away. I've always enjoyed their food but haven't been in a year or so.

    1. There's the whole strip of places on Crystal Dr...Jaleo, Good Stuff, etc.

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        Jaleo is about a mile and on the other side of Jefferson Davis Highway. Since I'll probably be taking the Metro or park in one of the mall parking garages (parking at the hotel is gawdawful expensive) we'll probably want some place closer and safer (traffic-wise) for the walk.

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          Fyve (in the Ritz) is also pretty good -- at least as good as Harry's -- and has a nice prix-fixe lunch deal.

          Not sure if you're familiar with that area, but I'd rather walk on the Crystal City side (Jeff Davis) than on Pentagon City (Army Navy). JD is elevated so most of the cars are out of your way when you're on the main street level. Not so around the other way...its always a zoo between the costco and the mall. There has also been a bunch of construction on Hayes St around the mall/metro entrance that has got all the sidewalks, crosswalks, turn lanes etc. mucked up. However, a lot of the hotels around there offer shuttle rides to both metros and the mall, which might save your friend the walk.

          If you won't be taking an extended lunch, the surface spots inside Pentagon Row are free for an hour (you just have to punch the button to reset after 60 min, not that I'm recommending you could park longer by stepping out to reset the meter...definitely not :) ). The garage below is also free when validated from HT or BBB, usually ~ $3 otherwise.

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            Thanks for the input and heads up about the construction. I thought that shuttles might have been a possibility, though I didn't see anything about one on the Doubletree web site. But this is just a one time thing, we only have about an hour, and my friend might just say "Oh, let's just eat in the hotel restaurant" (they have one, overpriced and not very interesting, as expected) I just wanted to be able to offer a reasonable alternative or two.

      2. Just had lunch again at Athenas Pallas on 22nd. They have free parking in their lot. You could pick up your friend, shoot down Eads, park there and drive back. Nice white tablecloth type of place.

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          Turns out that I could have done that since there was plenty of metered parking on Army Navy Drive just outside the hotel. I could have put in a quarter, picked her up, gone off in the car to eat, then come back and re-parked. I'll have to remember both the parking and Athenas Pallas for the next time I have to meet someone in Crystal City for lunch. Last time that happened was about 13 years ago and parking was free in the lot for the mall across from Macy's.

          She liked the idea of Harry's Smokehouse, so we just walked over there. My pulled pork was pretty good and she liked her bison burger. That burger cost $16, so it had better have been good!