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Nov 5, 2013 03:45 AM

Hong Kong (Mongkok) with a 4 year old - help please!

Hi - We'll be staying at Langham Place at the end of the month for 2 nights with our 4 year old daughter. Ming Court seems recommended but wonder if it's ok for our daughter? Also, my husband wants to go to Tim Ho Wan at any time of day when the queue is shortest. Any tips? Also - any other recommendations in the area? We probably want to stay around the hotel for meal times. Thank you!!

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  1. Our 1.5 year old went to Ming Court for dimsum. they even have kids' animal themed plastic plates and utensils.

    for THW, we just went before the office crowd descended for lunch. short 10 minute wait. this was at the IFC branch though.

    Mui Kee Congee in Mongkok was profiled on tv and you can find those videos on youtube.

    don't know the Mongkok area too well but here are some choices close by in Tsim Sha Tsui- Din Tai Fung, Ye Shanghai, Sun Tung Lok, Tin Heung Lau, Empire City Roasted Duck.

    1. When I held a chowmeet at Ming Court a few months ago, the table next to us had a couple of young kids who thoroughly enjoyed the experience! The staff, I noticed was very helpful, so don't worry!!
      As for THW, try going during 'off hours' like after 2.30 pm for lunch or around 9.00 pm for a 'dim Sum Dinner'!! To really avoid the crowd, I would head up a couple of MTR station stops to their Sham Shui Po branch instead! Noticeably less crowded.
      Ref: Sun Tung Lok mentioned by ckshen. IMHO, its not worth the money!! This time, Michelin is right when they demoted it to a 2* from 3. If inside the MIRA complex, I would eat at Cuisine Cuisine insteadI However, in TST my go to place would be 'Guo Fu Lou' or 'Ah Yat Harbour View' atop of iSquare or Yan Toh Heen inside the Intercontinental
      Have fun!!

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        I should think that the majority of Chinese restaurants welcome children - since the Chinese usually like large family gatherings when they dine out.

        That said, 3-Michelin-star Lung King Heen only welcomes children over 3 years old.

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          Kids are very common at lunchtime as it's a big family meal. However, whilst less common in the evening they are defiantly not turned away. As Charles says need to check individual restaurant rules to see if they have age (and dress code) rules.

        1. Ming Court for dinner with your daughter will be fine too. We ate there last year, when we stayed at the LP and there were a number of families with children.

          1. If you find yourself in Central during mealtimes and wanting to save money and have a bit of adventure, there is an Adventist hospital on Blue Pool Road above Happy Valley on a hill with a cafeteria that serves good food including many vegetarian items for incredibly low prices. This is on an upper floor with large windows and an incredible view of the city below. I recommend it for children because you can purchase individual items etc. and because it is a casual cafeteria.

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            1. re: creepazoid

              I think that must get the prize for the most bizarre recommendation anywhere on CH.

              Certainly its a healthy cafe as its in a hospital, I would add it mainly fat free as the hospital is a heart centre, and for me there is nothing more depressing than fat free vegetarian food....! (OK their caffeine free coffee is close).

              I might add its not really in Central as its a good twenty minutes cab ride out of the main CBD - and at HK$60 each way it adds a bit of cost to the meal (I know as my GP's office is there),

              1. re: PhilD

                Yes, I was there for a few months with a per diem, so I lost track of cab expense. But I did happen upon the hospital and decided to frequent the cafeteria when I was there. I just remember the low cost of the food and the incredible view. You can get an American breakfast there without being charged a tourist's price.

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                  You beat me to the punch, PhilD :-D