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Nov 5, 2013 03:29 AM

latte art!!! steamed milk making problem

hi!!! i tried 3 times and these are first times of my life i got my espresso maker i love it i bought it less than 24 hours!!! i use fat milk(i gonna buy steel container:P soon) i started from top and went to button it took it about 15 seconds or 30 i guess milk become foamy and awesome i swirled it and taped to table 3 times:P ten when i was pouring it to my espresso(to make cappuccino) it only stayed in top of it!!! i mean my coffee was like a fully white foam on top and espresso on button (it got a little bit whiter:PP i mean the foam mixed whit espressos a little bit) also in middle of brewing coffee or making steamed milk my green lights go off should i stop and wait it to be ready again? or not!!!

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  1. You have a lot to learn. Start here.

    You may benefit from reading a forum that is coffee specific.

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      I made one yay;) reading this one btw i watched videos before;P

      1. re: kamranhagh

        i made another today for my father:) it was horrible:) tasted awesome but looked not pretty good:) now after making 4 im starting to get how to do it and learning from my wrongs:) also im reading what u sent i guess it gonna help a lot its looongg....