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Nov 4, 2013 10:40 PM

Quick Help: Singapore Tonight & Tomorrow

Plans have changed and the Mrs. and I will now be stopping over in Singapore for one night tonight, before moving onward tomorrow. I would normally do a good bit of searching/researching, but this is last minute and we are about to board our flight to Changi.

Will be staying in the Orchard RD area (Four Seasons), and have been to SIN several times. Have gone through Hawker centers during other stops, and I am really looking for low-to-mid suggestions along Orchard RD (even if it's mall food courts).

We've just come off a few weeks collecting stars in Benelux, and then pigging out in Bangkok, so we're just looking for good, flavorful anything.

I do have my eye on Da Paolo Crodo at Paragon, so maybe something else there?

Or, are any of the spots at FS any good?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. FS' Jiang Nan-Chun Cantonese restaurant is quite good.

    For other good Chinese options around there, try Jade Garden at Forum Galleria, or Taste Paradise at ION Orchard.

    You can find food courts in ION Orchard or Wisma Atria which offer a wide selection of local hawker favourites.

    1. For indoor hawker along Orchard Rd, Wisma Atria has interesting low-cost fast food.

      There are so many different directions you can take. Within walking distance, if you want a tasty burger by Bruno Menard, you could try &Made Burger. It's in a very quiet, almost dead shopping mall behind Shaw House (Isetan). Across from &Made Burger are two French places - Les Amis or Bistro du Vin. Bistro du Vin is more casual than Les Amis. A bit farther up Orchard, towards the Marina Bay Sands, on Purvis Street, there is high-end Gunther's (delicious and lovely), or the cheaper but still tasty Saveur (across from Gunther's). If you want cheap and tasty (not the cleanest environment) Vietnamese, take a cab to Long Phung on Joo Chiat Rd. If you get there too late, there is usually a long line outside but it moves fast and the wait staff may seat you with others already seated if there is a place available. It's like you're in Hanoi eating in a local restaurant (messy, loud, festive - bring kleenexes), but if this doesn't appeal to you and you want something more refined, the Vietnamese restaurant at the top of Orchard Central is more white-table cloth and still tasty (but more expensive than Long Phung), if it's still there. Sorry but I can't remember the name. Hope this helps!

      1. Thanks for the help. Did end up eating at the hotel last night -- you're right, Klyeoh, it's quite good.

        And thanks for the other recs, lecker. As we've just got to Singapore from Vietnam, we passed on those recs - but are tucking them away for our next visit.

        Today we had breakfast at the hotel - One Ninety - as it was included, and actually quite enjoyed the fried carrot cake (white). We were very pleasantly surprised.

        Just got back now from a massive Orchard Food Hall walking tour. Probably enjoyed the XLB @ DTF the most, but we've had those many times (have a location in LA).

        Didn't really love the CroDos at Da Paolo ... but did enjoy a couple items at Boulangerie Fran├žaise Donq, in Takashimaya, I think.

        Hit a few other stalls, but I'm in a bit of a food coma at the moment and they're all running together ... sorry, I know this report isn't that helpful.

        Thanks again for all the recs, and as I said we will file them away for our next visit. Off to Changi now.

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          1/2 a day is just too little time to spend in Singapore! Do plan for a longer stay next time, and we'll give you better recommendations. Bon voyage!

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            klyeoh, I always forget, what's the name of the shopping centre on Orchard Rd. with a significant Pinoy bent?

              1. re: BuildingMyBento

                Yes, Lucky Plaza. BTW, I don't think klyeoh posts on CH anymore, he's now actively posting in a Singapore-specific food forum.

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                  Ah, cheers for the replies, debbieann and M_Gomez.

          2. Jiang Nan Chun was the training ground for many famous celebrity chefs in Singapore, including Jeremy Leung who went on to open Whampoa Club in Shanghai, and Sam Leong who then headed the kitchens of Tung Lok restaurant group.