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Nov 4, 2013 07:06 PM


My team is coming in from out of town and meeting our clients for drinks.There will be 6-7 of us, in the Penn Quarter, probably around 7-8pm. Looking for a nice scene, but also a place that's not too crowded and where we can talk easily. Nopa was recommended - is that a good fit?

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  1. In PQ, I would go to Rasika or maybe Zaytinya

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        I've never had a problem having a conversation in Cedar. Don't know if it's a "scene," but the food's good. There's also Bistro d'Oc.

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        While I love Rasika, I'm not sure if you can easily talk there. The Penn Quarter location can get awfully loud at times. And in my opinion Zaytinya is nothing but a lot of noise (not really my favorite restaurant as I've mentioned before).

        My recommendation would be Poste. There are a couple of different areas you can meet for drinks and some food--a regular table, the back bar area or even the lobby/lounge of the hotel.

        Another option would be the bar area of either Central or The Source.

      3. I like Proof and SEI. SEI is usually not too loud, but has a very stylish vibe to it. Haven't tried Nopa yet, but if they kept the layout from when it was Zola, they had some nice tables for groups to talk.

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          Sei is a good choices as well. Their cocktails are nice and you can even get a few orders of sushi if you are hungry.

        2. I think the restaurant meets a few of your requirements. The d├ęcor and service is nice. Also, unlike other restaurants where its one big giant space, NOPA has a few "rooms" so it isn't as loud. Food wise, the menu descriptions read better than executed. Nothing spectacular or particularly memorable.

          Del Campo might be a good alternative.

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            + 1 on everything you said about the food - went there a couple months ago.

            But I know food isn't the main focus for the OP this time around, so I think it fits. We went with another couple and had no trouble with noise - and it is nice space.

            I also like the Poste recommendation. Proof has been much too loud the couple times I've been.