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tricks you use for picky eaters

I'm married to a man who has an aversion to 'undercooked' meat. He wants all meat he eats to be burnt and blackened, then he feels comfortable eating it. Here's the trick I use when cooking for this man... and it works! In a fry pan with a small amount of oil, I add about a 1/2 teaspoon of sugar. I cook this till the sugar turns black. I then add any cut of meat and fry it at a proper temperature and for the length of time to cook the meat till it is (what any normal person considers) done. It will look burnt on the outside because of the sugar, but will be tender, flavorful and juicy inside. The small amount of sugar which blackens the outside doesn't affect the flavor of the meat. My hubby is happy thinking I seared all his meat to death.

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  1. Don't tell them it's veal.And hide the anchovies.I'm not kidding.The tricks I use for picky eaters.

    1. The fact that he can't tats the sugary coating on his meat says a lot.

      1. Why not just cook his meat the way he likes it? It's just a preference.

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          I am cooking meals for the both of us. A roast beef, chicken, pork loin. It's often inconvenient or impossible for me to prepare 2 separate meals. I don't like my food burnt. Once meat reaches that point it's tough, tasteless and dry. If I'm making burgers, It's easy to take mine out early and leave his in the pan till they're charcoal patties. But most other meat meals it's difficult to prepare a his & her's version.

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            you have my deepest and utmost sympathy. (pls don't ask me to go into detail)

        2. Something is wrong with this picture.

          1. I don't understand either - if he likes it cooked well done, why not just do it that way?

            My husband thought that he liked his steaks medium well when we started dating. We were at a resort and both ordered steak, and he was accidentally given mine. He ate it all, and changed his mind about meat cooking.

            My steak was not so great at that meal.

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              My husband was the same way when we met. Not sure how we converted him to medium rare. I am getting annoyed with my parents who keep asking for medium rare plus.

            2. It seems like you are treating him like a child.

              I don't get it either.

              You think you "trick" him with sugar. Why not just give him a well done steak ?

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                He does get his meats that are cut into individual portions (steaks, burgers, chicken cuts, pork chops, etc) cooked to death. I wasn't clear enough to everyone. I was speaking about the larger cuts served in one piece to everyone at the table (roasts for example).

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                  Do you do the sugar thing with the whole roast, or do you just take his portion and fry that?

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                    Before I put a roast in the oven I 'blacken' the whole piece of meat in a pan. It's a small amount of sugar and because it's been burned it isn't sweet. Once I accidentally used too much sugar in the oil and then I could taste it. Burnt sugar has a rather bitter flavor.

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                      Seems like you're searing the meat before roasting it, with the addition of sugar. Searing before roasting is a pretty common thing to do (I do it before I make stews), but I don't think you need the sugar. (http://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-sear-...) Unless the sugar flakes off somehow before you eat it and reveals a non-seared edge?

                      If he likes well-done (no pink) meat with burnt outsides, it seems like that's what you're making! Maybe he was tricking you into preparing meat the way he likes all these years. ;)

                2. How does this "trick" hold up after he takes a bite or cuts his meat?

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                    Just fine. I make sure no meat is 'pink'. He seems to be most interested in the outer appearance. If it looks burnt, he gobbles it down and says how yummy.

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                      Wait, so your meat isn't pink either? Isn't everyone just eating well done meat that has been properly seared?

                  2. Since he likes it, why don't you tell him that the meat is no longer thrice overcooked, that you've been faking it by blackening? Maybe he will wise up a bit and you can save yourself some hassle.

                    1. He doesn't have an aversion to seeing pink inside the meat? Out relatives don't care if tr outside is gray looking (not black) as long as it has not even the smallest hint of pink.

                      1. I would totally do the same thing in your situation. I happily accommodate food allergies/sensitivities and preferences (gluten, soy, dairy, etc.) but when someone has an irrational (as defined by me) food issue and I have to cook for them on a regular basis, I try to devise a work around.

                        One of my kids would freak if he knew I'd been giving him anchovies. Three times in the past 5 days, in fact. He doesn't like the way they look.

                        1. I know a lot of people who prefer overcooked meat, I am not sure that qualifies someone as picky. FWIW, I think tricking someone is a bad idea because it will teach them to distrust my cooking.

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                            <I know a lot of people who prefer overcooked meat, I am not sure that qualifies someone as picky. >

                            Some people prefer very well-cooked meat, while others prefer nearly rare. Is one person more pickier than others? Probably not.

                          2. I tend not to tolerate picky eaters, so the only trick in my book, really, is "eat or go hungry. This is neither a diner nor Burger King."

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                              My mom would say " eat or starve" and "if you don't want an apple, you aren't that hungry". She also made us do our own ordering.