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Nov 4, 2013 06:15 PM

Vail for Christmas

We are spending Christmas in Vail and would like to have a nice dinner on the 25th. Any recommendations? Also, would love to hear about any must try restaurants.

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  1. Where are you staying, do you have transportation, what's the size of your group, how much do you want to spend and are you looking for traditional Christmas stuff?

    My guess is most of what you may want is available, but we need some help.


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    1. re: BlueOx

      We are a family of three. My son is 15. We will have a car and we are staying at Lion square lodge.

      1. re: BlueOx

        And does not have to be traditional Christmas but we do love fine dining. We will splurge for dinners.

      2. OK, here’s my current take on “must” places to go in Vail:
        Sweet Basil - best, everything works, will be crowded
        La Tour – Really good last time I was there
        Ludwig’s – In Sonnenalp (also best hotel/resort in Vail), quiet and great service
        Kelly Liken – Straight forward preparations, well done, overpriced and low energy
        Larkspur – Good food, good service, lot’s of “posers” and all the folks who made this a fun place are gone, expensive
        Mountain Standard – Downstairs at Sweet Basil, cool place,some really good plates and some misses.
        Splendido – Beaver Creek, great food & service, expensive, strange crowd (old hedge fund guys and their trophies)
        Grouse Mountain - Haven’t been in awhile, used to be a good alternative to Splendido
        Golden Eagle – Favorite place at the Beav, both lunch and dinner, owner is always there and very helpful.
        Mirebelle – Belgium owner and chef in cute old house at the entrance to Beaver Creek
        Zino’s, Juniper & Dish – In Edwards

        There are many places not mentioned that are good, such as Terra Bistro, Lord Gore (Manor Vail), Bottega, Up the Creek and Ti Amo (in Eagle Vail). And some casual joints, Bart & Yeti’s, (Lionshead), Tavern at Gore Creek, Alpenrose, Bully Ranch (Sonnenalp) and the Saloon (in Minturn, other than the quail, the food is ???, but the atmosphere fun) and Northside in Avon all have good food and energy.

        Take a look at the Vail Daily to see what may be interesting to you. Christmas week will be busy, book ahead. Hopefully DD and others will join in with updates.

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          Forgot to list Matsuhisa at Solaris, it is near the top of the list, small portions but really good Nobu food, terrific setting

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            Thank you Blueox. Really appreciate the list. If you ever need Miami recommendations let me know would like to return the favor. I made reservations at Sweet Basil for the 25th and La Tour for the 26th. Struggling with the 27th. Maybe Bottega? We are stuck on the 28th going to the Chophouse because our divorced friend with three children is joining us and he likes it.

            1. re: mom2mateo

              The Chophouse is near by and owned by Brian Nolan, also of Blue Moose pizza. And he is on the Eagle County School Board...I know, what's that got to do with food, it is just that Brian is a good guy.

              Think about letting your 15 year old pick the place on your open night. A couple of places the teen is going to hear about when on the mountain might be a fun alternative.

            2. re: BlueOx

              Have only been in the Eagle Valley two times since April, so can't add much to BlueOx's list. We had several excellent meals at Splendido and Golden Eagle. I haven't been to Grouse Mountain Grill since they remodeled, but my wife and some of her buddies were very pleased with their dinner there in September.

              Lunch at Sweet Basil may be the best dinner in Vail. We really enjoyed the new area overlooking the creek. Have had two fine meals at Matsuhisa this year. Expensive, but worth it. Had one dinner at Larkspur, which was once my favorite restaurant in the Vail area, but agree with BlueOx that the people who made this restaurant sing are gone. We had two good meals at Ti Amo and some good lunches at Mango's in Red Cliff.

              In July, we had a couple of nice lunches on the porch at Tempranillo in Basalt. Wish this place was in Avon. Another low-key place we have gotten to like a lot is Cafe 163 in Edwards. Three meals at Fiesta's were not up to par. Not bad, but not as good as we remember. Just sort of flat.

              Almost forgot to mention Avon Bakery. During the summer, get a couple of their tasty sandwiches and head up into the mountains. On the Fourth of July we had a great picnic up on Red and White Mountain overlooking the valley. Hard to beat! That's all for now.

              Mom2 -- Hope your dining is great. Please give us a report when you get home!

            3. Hey, Mom -- tell us about your food experience over the holidays. We are anxious to hear about it.

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              1. Its always great to spend Christmas with family and friends.It doesn't matter where we spend it as long as we are with our love ones.