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Nov 4, 2013 05:51 PM

Tofu dishes for Thanksgiving

We have a few vegetarians joining us for Thanksgiving, and I am looking for easy tofu dishes that aren't necessarily Asian. No thanks on tofurkey, by the way: it's way too weird for me.

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  1. Won't there be tons of vegetable dishes and other sides where tofu isn't necessarily needed?

    1. Does it have to be tofu, or are you just looking for a good easy vegetarian 'main dish'?

      My favorite non-Asian tofu dish is crispy buffalo tofu but not sure how Thanksgiving-y that is.

      Last time I made a big fall meal I made a roasted vegetable tart as the 'main' for the vegetarians.

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        That sounds delicious.
        I would suggest puréed sweet potatoes and rutabaga with toasted walnuts.

      2. Dorie Greenspan has a recipe for squash stuffed with "everything good" which will be a delightful and appropriate veg main.

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          The stuffed with everything good recipe is great! We ahve tried it a couple times and love it!

        2. Last year I made a baked tofu dish with apricot preserves and onions. First, I sliced the block of tofu into 8-9 slices and then pressed the slices on a tea towel for an hour or so. In the meantime, I sauteed some onions (darker or lighter, to your taste) and added some fresh ginger, thyme, soy sauce, and pepper. I then added some apricot preserves (half a jar? more? can't remember now) and let everything cook together for a few minutes. I then arranged the tofu slices, shingled, in a baking dish (one you can take to the table is a bonus), and poured the onion-apricot mixture over the top. This baked for 30 min. or so, til it got a little color.

          Everything in our Thanksgiving meal is vegetarian except for the turkey and gravy, so it's not that this dish was *needed* -- but it's nice to have a "main" dish for the vegetarians, too.

          1. Soy ground round is very versatile and you can use it like regular ground meat for a variety of applications: meatballs, lasagne, pasta sauce, chili, etc, etc.