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We're staying on West 77th this weekend and looking for something in the neighborhood, not fancy but good, any kind of food. We'd appreciate suggestions.

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  1. Cafe Talluleh Columbus and 71. Amazing cocktails great food. $1 oysters at the bar before 8.

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        Second Salumeria Rosi--try the salumi platter, porchetta, Brussels sprouts, or tripe. Make a reservation. It's not that big and quite reasonably priced for Manhattan.

      2. Pasha, Turkish restaurant on 71st at Columbus.

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              Casa Pomona - terrific tapas bar!

              507 Columbus Ave
              New York, NY 10024
              Phone number (212) 362-3200

            2. We like Cotta. We like jacob's Puckles. We like drinks at Slightly Oliver. We had a pretty good meal (first time) at Social House (plus they have Mother's Milk Stout in draft which is hard to find). We like Arte Cafe. For more casual/lunch, we like Five Napkin Burger.

              1. Red Farm recently opened its second location on Broadway between 76-77. Delicious take on Chinese food--right now it's only opened until 5pm so lunch would be your best bet. Also Mermaid Inn for great fish is on Amsterdam between 87-88.

                1. A few more suggestions:

                  Sushi of Gari
                  Luke's Lobster
                  Momofuku Milk Bar
                  Cafe Luxembourg
                  Grand Sichuan
                  Cafe Pomona
                  Fairway Cafe

                  1. Burke & Wills - newish spot at 79th & Broadway with really nice Aussie-inspired fare (and a speakeasy upstairs).

                    1. Sido, on columbus b/w 72 and 73rd is good for a casual lunch or dinner, middle eastern- i like the foule and mezze assortment

                      1. Thank you, everyone, for the suggestions. They seem spot-on to what we're seeking. It'll be fun to explore.