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The Parlor- new restaurant in Dobbs Ferry

So... Julia Sexton posted a review of The Parlor (same folks as the Cookery)... but it has no information about whether the restaurant is actually open to the public... no phone # or hours of business... any Dobbs locals have some info on this place? It's where Orissa used to be.


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  1. Answering my own question-- they are OPEN.


    Which CH is gonna go scope this out first? I won't be able to get there till next week.

    1. Just as an aside, the chef for both did a benefit wine dinner at our local library recently and I really enjoyed his food. I haven't been to his restaurants as Dobbs Ferry is a bit far from me.

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        Yes, The Cookery is really good. We're going there for HVRW tomorrow night.

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            There is no doubt in my mind that you will love, love, love the food. The "my head is going to explode" ambience however might be a bit challenging. Go anyway the food is worth it...

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              Maybe we'll go early-will that help? How does it compare to the noise at Fortina - if you've been

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                I have not been to Fortina yet so I can not make a comparison. Brunch will probably be your best bet, but it might be worth giving them a call to see what they have to say.
                I was recently there about 8:30 on a Thursday night it was very, very loud.

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                  Go on a weeknight early for less noise. It does get quite loud and it's more annoying than Fortina because it's so small.

                  Also, wincountrygirl, I think you should try Saint George in Hastings.... noise isn't an issue there and the food is great.

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                    Thanks, Ice Cream. I live in Goldens Bridge so both places are a bit of a hike. Although, Italian Kitchen was my favorite Italian in the short time it was open, so we made the trip whenever we could. We used to go to Buffet de la Gare once in a while, as I am a big fan of classic French. How does St. George compare to say, Vox in North Salem or Luc in Ridgefield - if you've been? Cookery is on my bucket list and I will take your advise on the early weeknight!

        1. Finally got in to the Parlor last night with Mrs. Tech and young Techs, after two attempts when the line was just too long. The food was excellent, of the same quality as Cookery.

          I'm a fan of DiBari's DoughNation mobile pizza trailer that works the local farmers markets. (He donates portion of the proceeds each month to local charities like Spring Community Partners in Dobbs. A good guy.)

          Chef/Owner DiBari was there in the kitchen managing everything, and decor and noise level feels decidedly urban and fun. We were told that food comes out "when its ready" so don't expect discrete appetizer and entree courses. The staff, like at the Cookery's opening, appeared to be seasoned, as if the restaurant had been open for a year already. This is a real difference between DiBari's restaurants and others in Westchester, where it generally takes the staff a good 3-6 months to hit their stride.

          We started with appetizers. The roasted oysters in their shells were delicious. Eggplant slices were tender and tasty, although could have used a bigger portion.

          The pizzas were sublime. It was especially nice to be able to sit and eat the pizzas, whereas the DoughNation pizzas are take-out so you stand and eat or wait until you get back to the office where they are not as warm. (Al fresco dining at Cedar/Main intersection in Dobbs is an option, though.)

          Clam pie was just how it should be, reminding me of Lombardy's in taste although far fewer clams.
          Brussel sprouts, cheese, and bacon was my favorite. Wow!
          Margherita pie was devoured by mini-Techs, so I never got to try.

          We weren't planning on desserts there since Grenadine Creperie and the GoGreenly are right across the street, but Grenadine was closed so we ate at the Parlor. Suffice to say that Mrs. Tech is still raving about the desserts 24 hours later.
          Nutella balls with crispy exterior were small and amazing.
          Cinnamon sticks with "white sauce" were like high-end, small-sized cinnamon buns.
          Little Tech got something else, but it was devoured before I lifted my head from the first two desserts.

          Interesting things to keep in mind:
          the seasoning on the food was exactly how I liked it, which is good because there is no salt, pepper, Red Pepper, nothing on the table
          No bread on the table.
          No bottles of tap water on the table like at the Cookery, which would have been nice as I was thirsty and it would have relieved some pressure on the waitstaff.
          Lines can be long for Westchester and no reservations.

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            i don't mean to be persnickety in any way, but how long does one wait on line for food? the only reason I ask is b/c i LOVE the idea of this concept and I LOVE The Cookery, but I detest the idea of waiting on a line to eat when I have no idea when it might be determined that i actually can eat. an hour? 1/5 hours?
            Can you give some insight into what the line situation is like?

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              Sorry for the delayed response. The lines have gotten much much quicker. Longest wait was 10 minutes, and most less than that.

          2. Here's a photo of their menu.

            1. Went tonight.
              The wait (on a Friday night at bout 7p) was about 40 minutes.
              And the bottom line was - it was great.
              Nice relaxed vibe. "Lively" is what a review might say, meaning it's loud but manageably so.
              A decidedly 80's soundtrack played tonight - I don't know if that's typical, but as I produced a lot of those records, it worked for me!
              The starters were fantastic - the meat croquettes and the fried Brussels sprouts were outstanding.
              We split the lemon pizza and it too was great; with a perfect balance of acidity to smoky cheese richness.
              And that crust is unbelievably good. Burnt just enough, doughy and soft, salty and chewy.

              Add a 'bottled' Manhattan and the Brookie dessert (halfway between cookie and brownie) and it was a great night.

              I'm a huge Cookery fan, but this is an equally welcome addition at a very affordable price point.

              This place is good... but also just fun.

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              1. re: weedy

                Great review. I haven't been yet but really want to. Wish Dobbs ferry wasn't so annoying to get to from Ossining!

                1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                  The dough nation pizza oven / truck is at the Chappaqua farmers market every other Saturday.
                  I think I remember seeing it 'last' Saturday!


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                    Ooh, great! I rarely get to the chappaqua market but that's a good reason to!

                    1. re: chowdom

                      Bummer -- we drove right past the Chappaqua market last week but we'd just been to Pleasantville so I didn't stop.

                    2. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                      To make the trip less annoying, get to the Saw Mill Parkway rather than taking 9 all the way there.

                      Signed--voice of experience

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                        Haha yes I figured out the hard way when we first moved here, it's getting down Ashford across 9. Depending on the time of day that could take a lot of time. There are so many good restaurants down in those river towns I just wish it were easier. Or that we had more good restaurants within a 5 -10 min drive.

                        The place in Croton reviewed today looked good; have you been there, elisa?

                        I convinced my sister to go to the parlor with me today so I will report back!

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                          What place was reviewed in Croton? And who published the review? Thanks!

                          1. re: Marge

                            Sorry for being vague! Fino in Croton was reviewed in the Times today.

                          2. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                            No, haven't been there. But I think someone wrote it up here within the last few months.

                            Definitely looks worth checking out! There is so much turnover in restaurants in that spot (many of which I've liked), it's been hard to keep up over the years.

                            Update: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9752...

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                          Hey, if I can make the drive from Peekskill, you can from Ossining!

                          I can't help it that this far north is a cultural desert!

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                            Despite my complaining, I did go and loved it-- see below. :-)

                      2. wow,i stopped by for lunch several weeks ago.Tried my "go to" pie- a traditional pepperoni pie. To say i was underwhelmed would be an understatement- I was told that the pepperoni is crumbled-not a problem, but it did not taste like any pepperoni i have had or would want- more like a smoky bacon, as i recall. Doubt i would go back, but i am on the other side of the county anyway

                        1. Just had a great late lunch here. It's so weird knowing what this place used to look like as Orissa and how it looks like they spent a good amount of money making it look pretty industrial (ok, crappy) inside. But the large windows in front still open like they used to and we sat right by the window and it was really, really nice! All the tables have weird mismatched chairs, some of which look extremely uncomfortable.

                          Anyway, the food was very good. The market salad was excellent and reasonably priced (I think $8) for a portion that could have fed 3 people. Loved the shaved aged goat cheese that permeated the salad and the crunchy sweetness of the granola... Lovely fresh greens in it and a light fruity dressing. At $5 my cup (yes cup) of pinot grigio was large and hit the spot.

                          The pizzas are I guess a bit pricey given the size, but I am a big fan of their crust. I wish the center of the slices held their shape a bit more but the crusts are addictive-- charred, chewy with great flavor. We shared the margarita which is made with their excellent housemade mozzarella and well seasoned sauce, along with basil, and the lemon which was a real surprise-- an intriguing mix of flavors and textures that balanced out in a really delicious way (spice from the red pepper, citrusy sweetness from the lemon, smokey scarmorza). We had about a third of each leftover.

                          For dessert we couldn't decide so we got two-- the homemade rainbow cookies and the brookie. The rainbow cookie were more like little pieces of layer cakes-- the layers are thicker than a typical rainbow cookie. Not the best value at $5 for 3 chunks but really tasty and a nice sweet way to end a meal. Of course, why have one sweet end to the meal when you can have two? Not to nitpick but my idea of a brookie is a brownie bottom and a cookie top (see: http://www.marthastewart.com/314447/b...) and they are just serving a brownie cookie. Delicious but can't hold a candle to North's cookie skillet.

                          So glad I finally tried this place and can't wait to go back with a more adventurous dining partner to try some of the more interesting specialty pies!

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                            Did you know you can request the North cookie skillet prepared "rare"? It's even better that way!

                            1. re: MisterBill2

                              I've been craving that cookie skillet so I am booking North for me and my husband for our anniversary in August. Sometimes I feel like just going to the bar for a drink and a cookie skillet!

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                                why don't you? we do all the time...nothing a fabulous wine and cookies, I say

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                                  We were on a cruise earlier this year (Celebrity) and one of the restaurants (Lawn Club Grill) had a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie for dessert, a la North although not in a skillet. I'm not sure whether it was supposed to be that way, but it came out under-cooked all 3 times we had it, and it was delicious. I mentioned it at North and they told me that I could order it rare, it's apparently an insider's secret (I guess not anymore). The first time we tried that it was still a bit more cooked than on the cruise, but the second time they nailed it.