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Nov 4, 2013 01:36 PM

Critique Itinerary for Florence? Trip quickly approaching.

Hello All - It's not much of an itinerary since I only have 3 days and 2 nights but what do you think of the following (especially looking for feedback where i have 3 that i'm trying to choose between):

Thurs lunch: Nerbone or Zebs
Thurs Dinner: Fagioli, Casalinga, or Santo Bevitore
Friday lunch - Mario's or Nerbone/Zebs if we didnt go the day before

Return to Florence on a Tuesday..

Tuesday Lunch : All'antico ristoro di cambi
Tuesday Dinner: Sostanza (thought about Ora d'aria but with such a limited time in florence i think we're leaning towards the more simple casual vibe vs upscale)

With, of course, a sprinkling of either a tripe/rotisserie chicken stand and market stops for snacks.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Sostanza was amazing! Be sure to make reservations as they only have two seatings. We went to the late seating and it was very relaxing. The chicken poached in butter is incredible! Other worldly!

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      To the OP: Definitely go for the later seating. We were there a few weeks ago for the first seating and it was quite rushed. Great food though.

    2. Instead of Nerbone in the Central about the fried fish? Can't remember the name but they barely put some flour on the fish and fried it fresh. About 5e for cod and calamari, with 1e glass(?) of white wine. Full plates with anchovies, potatoes, and maybe another fish. They have, as I remember, 4 stools at a counter. Incredibly light and flavorful, a welcomed lunch on a Tuesday afternoon! I would say that it is halfway around the market from Nerbone.
      We went to Casalinga and liked it but I think I would go to Santo Bevitore next time. Just like the vibe from the outside. Did go to Il Santo for lunch and it was delicious.
      Sostanza is great for the bistecca and the chicken. A scene, well worth taking in.

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        Thank you all who responded! I have dinner reservations at Sostanza and Santo Bevitore. Now figuring out which ones to pick for lunch (will probably play by ear) between Fagioli, Casalinga, Mario, and All'Antico Cambi. Thanks again for all your suggestions.

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          Lunch is much more about where you are in the city. I love Antico Cambi, but it's down in San Frediano. Remember Fagioli is not open on weekends.

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            yes that's why i figure we'll play by ear. We'll by there on weekdays. Thanks!