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Nov 4, 2013 01:23 PM

WS Commerical 1/2 Jelly Pans

WS does not sell these anymore, but does anyone happen to know who the OEM was for the WS 1/2 Heavy Duty Grade Jelly Sheet Pans.

Just got in some of the ~fabled~ Wearever 13Gague Sheet Pans. Fit and finish is's not a rolled lip and the edges are quite sharp. I'm going to have to take a sander and finish up the edges for safety.

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  1. Check out the "Chicago Metallic" brand pans. I'm real happy with mine. I have also picked up some Calphalon brand pans at Tuesday Morning for a great price that are very good too. Last time I looked around Tuesday Morning, they had some gold tone pans that were pretty heavy and sturdy. Inventory changes with every surplus//closeout truckload but, for ~$5~$8 it's hard to go wrong with a premium pan.

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    1. re: Sid Post

      I've always had rolled lips...
      Which I can see the benefit from a sanitary perspective
      AND to boot, this one is NSF rated, which does stand for something....

      Another diatribe on another post, but I do wonder about the *sanitariness* off those barreled handled utensils I have