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Nov 4, 2013 01:07 PM

Where to find the best spices?

I am looking for a good spice store during our next trip. While we were in Paris we did a "Paris By Mouth" tour that led us to Goumanyat & Son Royaume shop, which sold Thiercelin spices. We brought back a pepper mix which was outstanding. It's a mixtures of peppers including:
"Poivre noir Sarawak, poivre blanc Sarawak, Poivre Sechuan, poivre des Maines, poivre selim, souchel, fèves Tonka".
They don't seem to sell it online, and it's nearly $50 shipping.

Are there any stores in Manhattan I might be able to find something similar? We will be spending most of our time Midtown, Soho and West Village.
We plan on visiting "The Meadow" for some salt.


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  1. I don't know if it's the best, but I buy a lot of my spices at Kalustyan's.

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      +1 their selection is overwhelming.....

    2. If you want a premium spice mix type of thing, I'd try La Boite a Epices.

      For example, here's their pepper blend:

      1. love la boite as mentioned below, it's very special. and also love the meadow's salt, always kalustyans and a good mini back-up to all this is the international grocery (kind of greek) on ninth av and 40th st.

        1. Lior Lev Sercarz's La Boite à Epices sounds like a place you would enjoy visiting.

          Personally I buy most of my spices from Penzey's, Middle Eastern or Indo-Pak stores.The quality of Kalustyan's spices do not always justify the premium price they charge. I turn to them mainly in situations where I need a hard-to-find ingredient like transglutaminase, caustic lye or tapioca maltodextrin.