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Nov 4, 2013 01:04 PM

Biryani Pot - 12407 N Mopac

Never been there.

But as I was perusing their website yesterday to make sure the Westheimer location in Houston was open before the genetic mutant and I headed over there for lunch, I saw that they've opened a new store in Austin.

Here's a link:

If it's anywhere close to being as good as the Houston store, let me say "Congratulations Austin!". You scored.

I cannot stress enough how much I like this place.

For weekday lunches, they have a special platter which you can get Veg, Non-veg, (Chicken), Seafood or Goat.

The lunches come on a grade school lunch tray with a large bowl of biryani, daal, a masala, a couple of pieces of tandoori, a simple salad, naan, and a dessert, (the mango pudding is really good).I think it's $9.

Do yourself a favor and get over there as soon as possible.

I want to know if "yours" is as good as "mine".

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  1. Looks to be where Taj Mahal was in the HEB shopping center at Parmer and Mopac. I will be taking a lunch field trip with coworkers to check this place out. Thanks for the heads up and I will report back.

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      Cool - I'm looking forward to your thoughts.

    2. We went for lunch yesterday and quite liked it. The Austin location is closed on Mondays.

      I had the vegetarian platter and everything was good except I didn't think the naan was that impressive. My next visit I will probably order something off the menu.

      Everyone should check this place out as it has more to offer than the typical Austin Indian place.

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      1. re: Carter B.

        taj mahal was ok, but it was kinda expensive (at least for dinner). this looks pretty promising!

      2. Loved this place today. No lunch combo on weekends, so we ordered from the menu: chicken 65, the house soup (sort of a chicken sambar), veg biryani (came with a very good raita), and a nice basil / garlic naan. that soup was just what the doctor ordered on this cold saturday. The chicken 65 was the best I've had. It was coated in a deep bright tomato / pepper red sauce and had a massive ginger / garlic component. Parts were caramelized, but more could / should have been; it was hot and good nonetheless, and was well coated in cilantro. The flavor profile was deeper (but maybe just fresher) than usual, especially for around Austin. The biryani was solid / good, I've had better. Bottom line: I'm going back.

        1. We went for dinner this past Friday, and like slowcooked, found the Chicken 65 (with the heat turned up to 11, per our request) to be spectacular. I'd be very happy for this dish to enter the American party food vernacular, if only to give the often wretched buffalo wing a kick in the pants. We also ordered the Malai Kofta, which we loved for its deep flavor and silky textured sauce, not to mention its thick, rich dumplings. We really like the biryanis we've had elsewhere, so we felt compelled to try the restaurant's title dish. The goat biryani was solid, but it doesn't measure up to similar offerings at Teji's and Daawat. The service was great, even given that we were the only dine-in customers; the dorrbell was ringing about every 5 minutes with takeout customers, and as we left, I could see the staff prepping an epic order.

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            I agree Ret3, the goat and chicken biryanis at Dawaat are better. But I've been dreaming about the chicken 65 for two days and will be going back to get some today. Can't wait to try the malai kofta.

            1. re: slowcoooked

              Okay, this place the next place I try.

          2. Went today for lunch. Looked like I wasn't the only first-timer.

            First, let me say I have no idea what's "good" and "not good" when it comes to Indian. My only experience has been from the places here and I only know the most basic names/dishes.

            Did the non-veg lunch plate. Things I loved: the curry chicken was just the right balance of spice and smooth (although my husband would say it was heavy on the coconut milk), the little fried bread dumpling/fritter was addictive-yummy (was that spinach?). I really don't like legumes, but I did love the flavor of the bean "chile-looking" dish. The naan was soft and chewy and soaked up all the yummy curry sauce.

            Stuff that didn't thrill me: Green (yogurt?) chicken didn't have much flavor and was frankly dryer than my mother-in-law's. However, dipped in the perfectly balanced yogurt sauce was fine. The biryani just wasn't anything one way or the other. Compared to everything else, it just fizzled. BTW, was I supposed to pour the little cup of curry over the rice? I just dipped my naan in it.

            Really liked dessert mango pudding. Not as make-your-teeth-hurt sweet as most places. However, I like it more creamy than the bouncy texture mine was.

            All in all? Was really wonderful for the price.