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Nov 4, 2013 12:51 PM

Help us plan our First Anniversary Saturday!

In mid February we'll be celebrating our first anniversary (we were married in NYC last February -- before we were allowed to in New Jersey).

We have booked tickets at The Met for Die Fliedermaus for the matinee on Saturday, but were a little surprised that it starts at 12:30 and is over about 4, so that kind of messes up our plans for a nice lunch then a great dinner afterwards. We'll be wearing suits and wanted to spend the whole day "dressy". I was thinking Picholine for dinner (our favorite color is purple, no less!). We could still go with that, but we'd have quite a bit of time to kill between the opera and dinner -- drinks at the rooftop of the Empire? Another idea?
And we had thought maybe doing dim sum or Chinese at Shun Lee West before, but that's out as we need to be at the Met by noon, and like most places it doesn't open till 11 or 11:30. Most brunches have the same time issue. So where would we do a nice "upscale" breakfast around 10:30 or so where we won't feel overdressed in suits?

On Sunday, which is our actual anniversary we've not made plans yet, but are thinking Gramercy Tavern for dinner. Maybe One of By Land for brunch (yea, I know the food's not wonderful, but the atmosphere is and it seems brunch would be a good time to use our gift certificate we have for there). We like "romantic" and "quiet" restaurants. Not too much into the places that are much over $100 per person fix price. Our private wedding dinner was at Le Bernardin, and we've loved Le Grenouile, but both were a little "crowded" surprisingly, rather than "romantic" -- just the luck of the draw with the table we were given. What's really quiet and romantic that still has really good food and will be less than $300 or $400 for two with a nice bottle of wine? Should we stick with Gramercy Tavern or how about something like Le Perigord? Other ideas? We have varied tastes and love good food, but to be perfectly blunt a tablespoon of anything with a drizzle of exotic foam for $45 leaves us pretty cold.

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  1. Landmarc in the Times Warner building for breakfast/brunch on Saturday? or Nice Matin on W. 79th?

    1. If you want an early dinner, Del Posto opens at 4:30 on Saturdays though the prix fixe is $126 for five courses.

      Avoid Le Perigord. It is not at all in the same league as La Grenouille.

      1. Gramercy Tavern is a solid choice, though when I went in for dinner (in the dining room), it did feel somewhat crowded and noisy. It may not be the best atmosphere if you're looking for something more quiet and romantic.

        I would recommend Annisa for the kind of environment you're leaning towards as well as the cuisine. The dining room doesn't seat too many and tables are well spread out, the food is delicious (foie gras soup dumplings are a must-order), and the five-course tasting menu is under $100.

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            Would agree that Gramercy Tavern dining room isn't exactly romantic; tends to cater to business dinners as the place is so iconically "New York" and sometimes the volume from the tavern room can carry over into the dining room.

            Annisa is much more intimate and elegant, even during peak hours on the weekends as the dining room doesn't seat too many tables. Jungsik is also great, quite serene when I visited during dinner and the dining room is minimalistic but zen in a way that allows for good conversation.

          2. Highly recommend having an early dinner at Picholine. They start dinner at 5. I had a fantastic 8 course tasting menu at Picholine 3 weeks ago.

            1. For drinks after the opera the lobby bar at the manderin oriental gives you panoramic views of central park and the city, with comfortable relaxed seating- and you will blend right in dressed in a suit.