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Nov 4, 2013 12:24 PM


Irawaddy: Decided to try the salads.

Fermented Tea Leaf Salad: Not bad. Interesting.
Ginger Salad: Good.
Squash Fritter Salad: Very very good. Don't get this carryout, the battered, deep-fried squash parts will not be hot and crisp when you get home.

Looking forward to fish soup, tamarind fish and ruby chicken next time.

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  1. All good choices, Jim. Weren't those squash fritters tasty? Thanks for the intel on the salads. I am not a fan of tea leaf salads in general, myself.

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      Oh, and the address is 1377, not 1337, which I think might be posted in another thread.

      The big sign by the street does not say Irawaddy, it says "Thai..." something. A sign on the windows says Irawaddy.