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Nov 4, 2013 12:15 PM

Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster vs KitchenAid these days?

I'm on the market looking for a sturdy stand mixer. I know everyone raves about KitchenAid but from what I've heard Sunbeam Mixmasters from the 1950s were practically indestructible. I keep reading about people's moms who had them and how they lasted 40-50 years with no problem.

I just recently came across a vintage chrome Sunbeam Mixmaster stand mixer, in near mint condition for $120. On one hand this looks tempting because if I look after it properly, it'll last me forever and the price is pretty good.

On the other hand, KitchenAid is what everyone seems to go for, but these days all they offer is a 2 year warranty. And a new one is much more expensive.

I'm not a heavy duty bread person, and I don't see myself making industrial amounts of cakes, cookies and cupcakes so I'd welcome any advice on which to go for. And in the case of the Sunbeam Mixmaster, what to look for, what to assess, what to stay away from.

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  1. You could buy a vintage KA too. They are marked "Hobart" on the side. Buying vintage gambling unless you have it mint in the box unused. I would still plug it in. Otherwise I would look for signs of heavy use. You might still get fooled though. My mother did have a sunbeam mixer that lasted her entire married life. 60+ years.

    1. I have seen old Mixmasters for $20 will all of the bowls, and attachments. Look around.

      Check thrift stores, Craigslist, etc. I found a 70's KA for $30 with everything.

      1. I was given a new Mixmaster in 1973. I later replaced it with a late-80's tilt-head KA. I now have a 2005 lift-bowl KA, the Pro 600.

        The new KA is hands down better than either of the tilt models. The Sunbeam had trouble with anything thicker than mashed potatoes. Unattended, potatoes had it walking across the counter. Cookie dough is what caused the motor to burn out.