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Naked Body Sushi

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Anywhere that still exists ?

I think this the place that I remembered from before.

Suffice to say, I think the sushi sucked but the eye candy may have been quite tasty.


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  1. Sorry, kevin, but there's absolutely no reason for it, unless you want to pretend that you're having a grand time while Rome burns.

    There are many wonderful sushi restaurants in LA, and far more places where "eye candy" can be seen. The sushi will be better at the aforementioned wonderful sushi restaurants, too.

    1. Hey, folks, we know this is a question that might not actually have a direct, on-topic answer, but can we ask that it not turn into nothing more than a bunch of off-color jokes? If you've got an answer, great, but if you don't maybe think twice about whether the fish jokes really need to be made.


      1. i think "tank sushi" would complement the presentation nicely.