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Nov 4, 2013 11:41 AM

French bread loafs in DTW

My lack of discernment bit me again over the weekend; to the tune of $2.99 for a sliced loaf of plastic-bagged "French Bread". Wasn't. It was just bagged bread. I've loved real french bread for decades. Seems to me any Detroit bakery worth its salt could offer this simple item.


I've struck out the past five times I've bought "French Bread". Three of those five times were at bakeries.

So, can any Detroit Chowhounds point me in the direction of the real thing? I'd travel a ways from the eastside to buy a loaf or two occasionally.

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  1. You might check stores that carry Zingerman's breads:


    1. What bakeries did you try, and have you gone to Petit Prince in B'ham? The owners are seriously French

      1. Was Natalie's at John R and 13 Mile one that you tried? They are solid.

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        1. re: VTB

          We'll be stopping in to Natalie's early afternoon today.

        2. crispellis at 12/woodward isn't bad or expensive. i hate it when people charge 3-4 bucks for a baguette...
          or do you not mean baguettes??

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          1. re: gan911

            None of those three. Thanks all, for the tips. Wife and me are making a day trip Thursday or Friday, so we'll be able to peek into all three bakeries. :)

          2. Have you tried Give Thanks Bakery in Rochester? He has some seriously good bread there!