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Nov 4, 2013 11:10 AM

Dinner Idea Near Bowery (New Museum)

I need ideas for dinner on a Wednesday, 6-ish pm. I'll have limited time (half hour, 40 minutes) to eat so it can't be a long meal. It's just me and one other and we're looking to spend no more than $20 each on an entree. We're both adventurous eaters; variety is more than welcome. If it could be a close walk from The New Museum, that would be preferred. It's our first trip away from our university's cafeteria food, so we really want to make it count.

Thanks so much!

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  1. 40 minutes is cutting it close time-wise, but you might enjoy either Sobakoh or Zabb Elee.

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      Thank you so much for this recommendation! We arrived at the restaurant (which was beautiful and intimate) and ordered the Kao Moo Korb and the Zabb Noodle Soup. Both were incredibly delicious and generous portions for the small price tag. The food came out in 5 minutes (we were one of 3 parties there) and the service was great.

      Chowhound, you did it again.

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        so happy you enjoyed the restaurant...cheers :)

    2. Cata is close and quick, especially if you sit at the bar.

      1. Family Recipe
        Ed's Lobster Bar

        1. The good thing is that you will not likely encounter a wait at all anywhere at 6pm on a Wednesday for two people. The bad thing is that 40mins will be tough if you want table service.

          My suggestion would be to dine at the bar, or have something totally casual. Forcella has good Neapolitan pizzas for under $20 and come out super fast. DBGB serves at the bar - you can get a variety of sausages and beer. Parm is good for Italian American sandwiches. Cafe Habana does a solid cuban sandwich and is very affordable. Taim is also nearby and has the best falafels in the city. Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken is also on Bowery, though I haven't visited yet myself. Or for something totally unexpected - Yuji Ramen on the second floor of Whole Foods.

          1. Congee Bowery is about 100ft from The New Museum, at 6pm, I imagine you could get 3 dishes to share for $40 and be done in 30m

            sweet & sour pork chops
            salt & pepper calamari
            stir fried veggies (pea shoots if you want to push budget a tad)