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Lunch (or dinner) in 10 minutes.

Just threw this together for lunch. It was delicious. What are some of your really quick meals that are not just filling, but very satisfying?

Spinach Flatbread Pizza
Sauteed garlic in EVOO just until fragrant; added chopped baby spinach, salt, pepper and crushed red pepper flakes. Sauteed until spinach wilted and some of the juices evaporated. Warmed naan in the toaster oven on the lowest toast setting. Spread with ricotta, dolloped spinach over top. Tore up slices of mozzarella and spaced evenly over spinach. Toasted on the highest setting. Drizzled with a little more EVOO.

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  1. Hmm. Omelets come to mind. But apart from this, a fave is shrimp and greens (usually spinach, but sometimes rappi)

    Finely chop four cloves garlic and a bunch of scallions (I use most of the greens, too). Toss in a pan with olive oil, S, P and red pepper flakes til garlic and scallions soften.

    Add a pound of peeled and deveined shrimp. Spritz with lime. Cook for about 6 minutes or until shrimp is pink. Take shrimp out, set aside.

    Put a pat of butter or another glug of olive oil into pan. Chop up a big bag of spinach or a big bunch of rappi (chop the stems very fine) and (if you like) halved grape or cherry tomatoes. Throw into pan.
    Add more S&P to greens. Add small drizzle balsamic. Cook down the greens. Arrange prettily in a large warm serving bowl. Put shrimp on top.

    1. Sautéed paillard and a salad?

      1. Stir fried thinly sliced cabbage with shrimp, a nice sprinkle of hot pepper flakes.

        1. I seem to be using a lot of leftover s/mashed potatoes lately in lunches.

          Kid-friendly, warning.. so kid friendly: I feel like I've been sentenced to making potato and sausage burritos for my daughter lately. Because it's Every. Single.Day. I have to admit, though, the combination of a good German sausage or Cajun andouille mixed with smashed potatoes warmed in a skillet with butter, then rolled into a griddle-warmed flour tortilla with slices of cheddar inside is so good. We both like adding a tiny bit of the liquid from pickled jalapenos while the potatoes are warming.

          My (two) favorite thing(s) in the entire world, Oyster Stew or Potato Soup: In a saucepan sweat a bit of diced onion and celery in butter for a few minutes, until they start to soften. Add either fresh shucked or canned oysters with a bit of their liquor OR about a half cup of leftover mashed potatoes. Finish with milk and/or cream (if potatoes, I usually do half chicken stock, half milk or cream) and season to taste with s&p. Bacon hurts neither. Finish with an obscenely fat pat of butter.

          1. Pasta puttanesca. Maybe not quite 10 minutes, but 20 max and so satisfying.

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              Enchilada casserole. Not exactly authentic but quick and satisfying. Rip corn trtilas into small pieces and get dreative. Add in canned beans, corn, hominy, enchilada sauce, shredded or cubed cheese, cotrae cheese, sour cream, chopped onions, peppers, just about anything.

              Either bake till everything is tender and hot, as long as you like, really, or coverand microwave till its as cooked as you like. Is not fancy but it does taste good and if you microwave it, it can be done n about 15 min.

              Tacos, too. I use veg meat. Sautee some onions, toss in a can of beans and the meat or veg substitute. Serve as tacos or make it into a taco bowl salad likecI do, layered with all the fillings and salad ingredients.

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                Miri, in Mexico, that's essentially what they call chilaquiles. Usually it's old tortillas that you let go stale and you mix with left overs. Very common breakfast there. There are myriad variations.

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                  Yes, true, I adn't thought of that. But most of the chilaquiles I've had use eggs, like a scramble. Another favorite. Love the stuff! Darn, now I'm hungry :)

            2. hot sandwiches of just about any kind that can be toasted under the broiler. and with cheese - they HAVE to have cheese!

              also, dosas are an almost instant meal, but you have to have dosa batter sitting around for that! so maybe those take 24 hours..and 10 minutes! we make all kinds of combinations, but dosa with egg is always great (with beetroot chutney and hot sauce - not necessarily traditional but so good!)

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                We get ready made dosa batter at the Indian store in the refrigerated section. No, it's not as good as home made, but it scratches the itch.

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                  we get very high quality batter at the store - almost as good as homemade! problem is, i don't always get there in time and they are sometimes sold out!

                  and you're right - it's like an itch: gotta get to my dosas NOW!!!

                  when my daughter gets home for thanksgiving, i know dosas will be high on her list of homemade food requests.

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                    What? There is ready made dosa batter? Not in my dinky town, but the next time I'm visiting friends in a larger city I'll have to give the indian stores a try.

                    Most of my meals are 10 - 15 minute meals. A lot of pasta - Spaghetti Carbonara is one, spaghetti with sardines is another. I use the thin spaghetti so it cooks faster, and prep the sauce while the pasta is boiling. Once the pasta is done, combine and serve!

                    Breakfast for dinner can be made in just about 10 - 15 minutes too. Oatmeal in the microwave, Cook up a batch of sausages or bacon in a pan, then use it to fry eggs. Add some fruit, and dinner!

                    Miso soup is a fast/easy meal if you keep all the ingrediants on hand - I use instant Dashi granules, dissolve and heat up the broth, add a generous amount of cubed tofu, dried seaweed, and miso and heat again. Top with green onions. And while this isn't traditional (I don't think!) I like a couple of drops of sesame oil too. I use enough seaweed and tofu to make it a filling meal, though you can look up other ideas for add ins for miso soup and customize to your tastes.

              2. Eggs - omelet, scrambled, frittata. Also baked or pan chicken breast, maybe 15 or 20 minutes but easy and just use whatever condiment you like.