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Nov 4, 2013 09:52 AM

Le Cirque or Joel Robuchon's L 'Atelier?

have been to Le Cirque, (yrs ago) and it was amazing.....wondering if they are equal in comparison?

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  1. Although I've dined only at L'Atelier in NYC, I much prefer Le Cirque LV.

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    1. re: ellenost

      thanks..thats kind of what I wanted to hear. Have reservations at Le Cirque, but 2cnd guessed myself when I saw something about L'Atelier.

      1. re: foody63

        I don't think Le Cirque NY is the same as Le Cirque Vegas just as I know L'Atelier New York is not the same as L'Atelier Vegas. They are entirely different experiences. Dollar for Dollar I'd say Le Cirque is more classy and classic, L'Atelier takes more chances.

      2. re: ellenost

        Agree completely. In LV, the 2 restaurants are so different as to make comparison impossible. Both have great food, but I much prefer the comfort and service of LeC.

      3. We dined at Le Cirque last year. Plan to dine for a third time at Picasso this year when we return. L'Atalier was great for food but the wife prefers the atmosphere at Picasso. The places on my list include: Guy Savoy,Twist, and Joel Robuchon.
        I hear that Le Cirque is no longer run by the same family and we may decide the best of Le Cirque is behind us.

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        1. re: gdiego

          We dined at Le Cirque, LV about 6 months ago and it was as outstanding as ever. Have read nothing to indicate that there has been any change in food, service, etc. Has any CH noted any decline at LeC??

          1. re: gdiego

            I read that the Maccioni family will end their relationship in the spring. Don't know whether the restaurant will change its name.