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Nov 4, 2013 09:50 AM

Pizza take out in Piscataway 11/10 recs pls

I will be staying at the Embassy Suites and am looking for a solid pizzeria rec nearby. Delivery would be great but pickup (15 min distance) could also be arranged.

I know this is not exactly chow, but I don't want to trust Yelp for a solid pizza choice. I've tried searching the thread but honestly am not sure what recs are close to the hotel or not. Calculate in other intangibles and I figured it would be best to just ask.

Menu: 4 or 5 xl pizzas, a plain, a pep, a few "everything's/house specials". 30-50 wings. Maybe a house salad or antipasti plate.

Price - trying to stay in the under 20 per pie region.

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  1. I work down the road from there, and the best, solid pizza I've found in the area is from Joe's Meat Market. It's a family owned Italian Deli putting out solid food for many many years. He started doing pizza a year or two ago. He will deliver to you no problem.

    He's about 5 minutes away, actually located in South Bound Brook.

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    1. re: coldsolderjoint

      Coldsolder. Since they let go of Bruno (the older Italian fella who was putting out a whole bunch of different pies), they're not making anything interesting in that pizzaria (maybe 4-5 types and IMO, the Spanish pizza maker in their doesn't come close to matching what Bruno was putting out. I know Joe for nearly 30 years (when he was just a sandwich shop across the street which they eminent domained him on).

      At this time all that I'll order is their Brooklyn pie (a quasi hybrid of a margharita and a Grandma which isn't too bad). His sausage is great because he makes his own, it's crumbled on the pie and is much leaner (close to 80% lean) than most places. After all, one can't beat their 2 slices for a 5 spot with a soft drink.

      But it's a good choice. Still prefer Orsillo's though. Their Grandma's pie is the best version that I've ever had.

      1. re: JustJake

        Figures.. I've been trying to eat healthy for awhile, and have been ordering Salads. Joe's is one place where they put a ton of meat on the salad (the way it should be).

        1. re: coldsolderjoint

          The problem with Joe's is that he makes such good chow, that YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT eating there regularly - and most of us who work(ed) in the area know that his place will dish up almost everything you could possibly imagine (with the exception of Asian). A great spot and one of the best places in NJ to get a sub sandwich.

      2. Piazza Orsillo on Cedar Grove Lane in nearby Somerset (<10 minutes away) is my favorite up there and I've worked in the area for 25 years. Order the Grandmas (you'll thank me later as your 'plain' selection), along with their artichoke pesto. Their eggplant with ricotta is a winner as well.

        As for the other areas of your order, I believe that they do wings, and they most definitely can do the antiapsata and/or house salads.

        Ask for Damiano (the owner) if you're making a large order and he'll take care of you.

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        1. re: JustJake

          This also looks like a good pick. I appreciate the extra info you provided. While ultimately I will only get to order the large order from one place, being in town for a few days, on a budget and coming from an area severely lacking in pizza that isn't a national chain, I will definitely scout them both out.

          1. re: ncghettogourmet

            How about a little of that so called 'Southern Hospitality' you folks below the Mason-Dixon line always talk about and provide us with some feedback, should you have gone to Joe's or Orsillo's.

            This is an interactive board, and you JUST CAN'T TAKE, when we give. Sheeeeeet, without a couple of recs here, you would have ordered from Domino's or worse yet Pizza Hut - who knows, that may make you happy, but the offerings here were pretty solid.

            1. re: JustJake

              Considering when you posted that last comment it was still 48 hrs before the intended order, I'd say you were a bit early in that kind of post.

              Ended up with Lubranos? Great mushroom and sausage pie. They were a late night option.

              Our big food ended up switching from pizza wings to Tasty Sub and Vietnamese from somewhere (wasn't in that group).

              A catering order from Little Italy in linden was very much on point. Their prices combined with certificate led to a crazy amount of food for cheap. Broccoli rabe and sausage, eggplant parm were standouts. Francaise was forgettable as was the regular sausage, peppers and onions. Their red sauce was decent so imagine the lasagna would've been ok too.

              1. re: ncghettogourmet

                It happens. I was just on a business trip a few weeks ago in Scottsdale and had planned to check out a few places, but it ended up being a contest to see who could consume the most alcohol in 4 days. I think I won.. every night... at least I didn't have to pay for it... :-D

          2. re: JustJake

            It's in the same plaza as Moe's right?

            1. re: coldsolderjoint

              Not sure about Moe's, but there's the Cedar Grove Gourmet Deli, a Starbucks, a Benji Moore Paint store, and a NYSC in there. Check it out (for Grandmama)

              1. re: JustJake

                Yup.. same plazza.. I was just at Moes on Tuesday. We were doing this 21 day sugar detox thing.. but seemed to have made it 9 days..

          3. there's a relatively new spot in franklin too called franks on elizabeth ave. very good food and many different pizza selections to choose from. less than 10 minutes from piscataway

            1. Another place in Piscataway is Stelton Pizza on Stelton Rd. It's a little farther from Embassy Suites but the pizza is better than most of the other places in the area:


              It's local, it's fresh, they deliver and also do catering so they might be worth a call.

              1. Is there no concensus on best pizzerias in Piscataway? This thread did nothing to persuade me to visit one place over another.

                Also, I'm going to be around here more... Joe's sounds like a good rec, any other great places, any type of food or service?

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                1. re: chowhounder411

                  You have pretty much all of your corporate fast food options, White Castle probably being the only one I like going to. The fountain blu diner is pretty good, but its a diner. And I haven't been to the diner on Easton ave in quite a while, but their burgers used to be solid.

                  Paulo's Barbeque in nearby South Plainfield is quite good for their $10 "Rodizio" lunch special. Although its not quite rodizio carved off a spit. It is an assortment of BBQ meats on a large plate, with rice and fries, a fried banana (Desert included :-) ). It is quite tasty and an amazing deal. It does take a bit of time to be seated, order, eat, etc, so this is probably a 2 hour lunch with travel time to and from the office.

                  Leo's BBQ on Stelton road (Its in the Target Plaza, but tucked in the corner behind the pizza place and Fedex Kinko's) serves Filipino food and has a lunch special which is around $7 I think, rice or noodles and two protein options. It is pretty tasty. I've only ever eaten the "safe" options, various stews, and BBQ skewers. Although, they do have more exotic stuff like fish heads and organ meats and what not. I see a lot of Filipino people come for lunch so that stuff must be good.

                  Depending on what part of Piscataway, New Brunswick is only 5 minutes away.

                  I haven't been recently, but Tido's hotdogs wasn't too hard to get too and find parking at Lunch.

                  I've been known to take the trip to Highland Park for White Rose System at Lunch.

                  But, if your up for that drive, you are already pretty close to Edison.

                  I often travel to Somerset for Casa de la Tortilla Tex-Mex, but that is probably an hour and a half lunch.

                  25 Burgers is pretty close by in Bound Brook on 287.

                  A&G Fine Foods Deli also makes a pretty decent sandwich, and they have the "Staten Island" style bread. Their menu is much more limited than Joe's however.

                  China Magic on plainfeild ave off of River Road has a small inexpensive Buffet at lunch, the food is good solid Chinese food, but nothing out of the ordinary.

                  1. re: chowhounder411

                    I'll add a couple for your consideration:

                    Four Seasons Thai (a shoebox storefront) on Stelton Rd in Piscataway is probably theee best Thai in Central Jersey and I'd rate it to anything you'll find in Manhattan.

                    Pithari's in Highland Park for vg Greek.

                    For pizza - you go to Orsillo's for the Grandma's pizza. There's also LoDuca's which can go toe to toe with Orsillo's for Grandma's. Both places are superior to Joe's. But Joe's is so much more than a pizzaria which is something that he added within just the last 2 years. It's the mongo sandwiches, the great salads and his sandwich specials that you could find yourself eating at Joe's nearly every day.