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Nov 4, 2013 06:36 AM


I'm staying downtown for a week and was wondering if Crawfish are in season? Anywhere downtown walkable that boils them up right?

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  1. Way too early for Crawfish season. The only place that has them yearround though is Crawfish Shack in North Austin/Pflugerville.

    1. Boiling Pot on 6th Street 100 yards west of I35 does Cajun pot cooking, But the menu says "Crawfish (When Available)". Crayfish is not in season until February - March. Might still be an option for you for things other than crayfish

      -sw (who hates the word "craWfish)

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        1. re: amykragan

          When I Googled the term "boiling pot austin" Google autocomplete wanted to finish it with "...closed" but I didn't find anything immediate indicating it was closed. but I did look half-assedly. Thanks :-)


        2. re: sqwertz

          sqertz - I assume, then, that you use the term mudbugs when dining with the hoi polloi!

          A good while back, I went to a place on Wells Branch that had them at a weird time, I asked them, and they said that their source that time of year was from Missouri. They were shaped a little different in the tail....more of a fan-shape than the ones I'm used to. I'm just so used to not thinking about them until January, I never really search for them. But come January, I really start to crave them.

          As I was writing that last sentence, I just remembered that I saw them precooked at an HEB for $2.99/lb. I was thinking "that might work in a pinch." They are in the cold case, and you'd have to heat them. I had them a few years ago, and they weren't that bad and reasonably spiced for HEB.

          I also just remembered and old storey....perhaps I told it before. There used to be a Jazz on the Lake - It was kinda cool because you'd have to drive up to the end Enfield and they'd take you over on a boat-ferry. Anyhow, once, they had an ad in the Chronicle that said "All You Can Eat Crawfish!" Well, I could eat abut six or seven pounds back then, so I was intrigued. I called to ask how much. A kinda surly guy said "$6.99 a pound," so I was flummoxed. I said "Well, I could go to McDonalds and get all I can eat Big Macs for $3 each." He said "well go to McDonalds" and hung up on me. I didn't go.........

          Forgive me if I've told you the story before!

          1. re: rudeboy

            I call them crayfish - just like I typed twice in my post.

            And don't call me skirtz! :-P


            1. re: sqwertz

              Yes, I know that's the way you typed it in your post, which is why I thought my reply was all the more funny (to me). Sorry for the mis-type on your handle.....or nickname, or avitar, or whatever the hell it it called!

              1. re: rudeboy

                Now I get it (duh). "Mudbugs" I hate even worse :-) Speaking of caryfish-like animals, I once asked here about the langostino meats at Costco. I finally broke down and got some and I found them just nyeh. Even though they claim not to be treated, the things exuded huge amounts of moisture and shrunk like crazy.

                Anybody tried the Trader Joe's version?


              2. re: sqwertz

                I went to Costa Rica once, and on the menu there was something called "Crow Fish". It was in some sort of seafood pasta, I think.
                I asked, thinking this must be some local fish, and the waiter replied, "it is like a little lobster"....
                Ahh, the things that get lost in translation.

              3. re: rudeboy

                I'm always of the mind that if you are going to eat a classic Cajun dish, you should use the classic Cajun name. That would be "crawfish". "Crawdad" is preferred in the panhandle and north to Oklahoma, and so also acceptable IMHO.
                I tend to regard restaurants that use "crayfish" the same as those that use "country fried" instead of "chicken fried" - with suspicion.

            2. Though it is a bit early to find truely fresh Austropotamobius pallipes i am sure some of the places will contiue to have them on the menu. Now the chance of them being "boiled up right" I wouldnt really bet on.

              Stuffed does it right but it isnt even close to downtown..

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              1. re: girloftheworld

                They come from China year round. But they're terrible. Precooked, dry, meatless, crap. Not that I'm a crayfish fan even when they ARE in season and local. I can leave them.


                1. re: sqwertz

                  if you are in town for a week.. our lovely town has much better things to offer...

                  1. re: sqwertz

                    I can only imagine what those little buggers "marinade" in over in their muddy chinese haunts. Arsenic anyone? mmmmmm