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Nov 4, 2013 06:15 AM

Where to buy crystalized ginger in No VA?

I'm drawing a blank. I need a large quantity to make ginger biscotti for the holidays and nearly had a coronary when I saw the price at WF. Have you seen it locally?

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  1. Penzeys in Falls Church sells it. You can check their prices online. They aren't that cheap, but it is probably less than WF.

    1. I have gotten it at Trader Joe's and Penzeys. As I remember it tasted different and I believe Penzeys was milder.

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        Indeed, I think I've seen a couple different types at Trader Joe's. They had an uncrystallized candied ginger and a crystallized ginger.

      2. I would look in stores with a bulk section, like MOM's.

        1. Not a reliable source, & you might laugh, but I got some of the best crystallized ginger I have ever tasted, at the new Home Goods on Richmond Hwy. it was a single box, though, & I didn't see any more.

          It's 'Mr. Stanley's Chrstallised Ginger' (from the UK)-very soft, fresh & gingery- in a small wooden box (200g/7oz-$5.99). So if you're in a Home Goods, check the shelves...

          1. I buy mine at Aphrodite Greek Market near Bailey's Crossroad. Their address is:

            5886 Leesburg Pike
            Falls Church, VA 22041

            I don't remember the price, but it's probably cheaper than Penzey's or WF.