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Nov 4, 2013 05:49 AM

Gluten Free Dining

I'm visiting Boston/Cambridge this week...would like recs on Gluten Free dining. We are staying at Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge and planning to spend time at the MFA, the Gardener, Charles Street and the Kennedy Library. Thank you.

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  1. Are you looking for any specific kind of food?

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      Asian, Italian, well prepared American and seafood. We haven't had lobster in ages.

    2. All Legal Seafoods have gluten free menus. Most of our restaurants now will know what you are talking about: in Cambridge you can try Dante's near your hotel, go into Kendall Square nearby and try Catalyst, WestBridge, Belly Bar or EVOO (all good imo). (I'd go on line and check menus to see what appeals). Not much near the Kennedy Library - not far from the MFA is Trattoria Toscano and the Gardiner has a very good cafe while the MFA has a rather expensive but acceptable cafe and a very expensive and ok restaurant. On Charles Street I'd consider Beacon Hill Bistro or Lala Rokh and not a far walk to Erbaluce which will definitely take care of your gluten concerns.

      1. Two Asian restaurants that have always been really great about my gluten allergy are Myers + Chang in the South End and Blue Dragon in the Seaport area.

        For a nicer restaurant, Hungry Mother in Cambridge is awesome and much of their menu is gluten free - including their cornbread.

        Most places are really good about gluten allergies these days - if there's somewhere in particular you want to go, either look online for other reviews from people with food allergies, or call and ask if they can accommodate you.

        1. Search this forum for "gluten free" and you'll find quite a few tips. This topic has been covered regularly in the past. Here's just one example.

          1. The Elephant Walk restaurants - Cambodian and French - have arguably some of the most gluten-free options:


            I'm not a gluten-free diner but from what I've observed most restaurants around here are pretty accommodating.

            The Chubby Chickpea Food Truck also has a lot of vegan and gluten free selections, I just happened to notice: