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Nov 4, 2013 04:54 AM

G Sandwich

Finally made it to G Sandwich, next to Kapnos. Heady sandwich competition in those few blocks, with Fast Gourmet across the street, Taylor down a couple blocks, and Blind Dog Cafe nearby. I ordered the goat, served with lemon potatoes, oregano, and harissa. $13 pre-tax.

The bread was exceptionally good. I will go back just to order more sandwiches on that bread. Sesame-flected, great chew and crunch. The goat was very tasty, especially the crispy bits, though I thought it did get a little gamey in the too-large chunks. All the components of the sandwich were good, but they were not quite on balance for a harmonious product. It needed more oregano, a little more spice, as the lemony potatoes really dominated.

I will definitely try again. Note this place is not open on weekend evenings, since it repurposes the space for a "tasting menu". It's open for lunch every day I believe.

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  1. Thanks for the review. It's been on my list for the next time I work in DC (lately it's been Taylor for sandwiches or Sweetgreen for salads).

    Since I like gamey flavors, I think I have my sandwich picked out already. :-)

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      If you're looking for sandwiches, I have also been really impressed by Bub & Pop's (M and 19th) as well as Blind Dog Cafe (it's a pop-up in Darnell's, daytime only).

        1. re: VaPaula

          G Street Foods also has great sandwiches. I really love turkey club and turkey panini. They use real roast turkey which is awesome.

          Also not a sandwich but they have a Korean quasadilla that is amazing!

        2. re: hamster

          What kind of sandwiches at Blind Dog Cafe?

          1. re: Steve

            I had a turkey and bacon, sriracha mayonnaise, on amazing bread and all the flavors really balanced well. I was surprised. They also had things like tomato and mozzerella, chicken salad, a chorizo one that looked tempting...Here you go:

            I think they just use really good ingredients there. The chocolate chip cookie was also amazing.

            Service can be a little spotty, but it's worth it.