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Nov 3, 2013 09:56 PM

Remodeling kitchen. Stove reccomendations?

I am in the process of remodeling my kitchen. I am researching stoves to purchase. More specificly a gas range to slide in. What are the pros and cons of standard verses big name brands like viking?

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  1. What type of cooking do you do mostly?

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    1. re: will47

      I like to cook with a wok, so a burner with so e high BTU's would be nice.

      1. re: CCDiner

        Capital Culinarian, Blue Star, American Range Performer are probably the highest power residential ranges (22k BTU - 25k BTU), and all have open burners. Personally, I like the wok setup of the Capital Culinarian, which is what we have at home.

        All are expensive options ($4k+ for most configurations), so that's one big downside compared to a more standard range.

    2. We did this a little over a year ago, the research I did came up with a number of complaints about Viking's reliability and customer support, we went with Wolf and couldn't be happier.

      1. Aside from arguable issues of "quality" and reliability, the major differences are burner output (as measured in BTUS) and consistency of temperature in the oven. There are also features that may be found at the higher-end that may not be available at the lower end of the spectrum.

        Features that used to be found only at the high end have trickled down to all lines (things like continuous grates and simmer settings on the burners, in addition to others).

        Beware of deals on "commercial" ranges because they may be units that are made solely for commercial locations (as opposed to "commercial style" units made for residential use. True commercial units are typically not insulated and should never be placed adjacent to cabinetry. They also get exceptionally hot in a room that may not be adequately ventilated.