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Nov 3, 2013 09:46 PM

Do I keep this 9qt French Oven?

I got this as a gift but not sure what I'll use it for. I already have a LC Dutch oven that I use for braising.

I believe this one was coined as a risotto pot, but I'll NEVER make risotto in this thing.

Here is what I received in the 9qt size:

Anyways, does this have a place in my kitchen if I already have a dutch oven that I use frequently?

EDIT: The dutch oven I have from LC is an Oval version if that matters :) Not sure of it's size but good for braising a few pounds of meat. Oh, and I usually only cook for the 2 of us, sometimes 4 if we have people over. 9 QT seems like overkill.... but what do I know?!!


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  1. < 9 QT seems like overkill.... but what do I know?!!>

    Obviously, only you know the right answer. For me, it would be too big. I think a 6 quarts pot is as large as you will normally need. Unless, of course, you want to make a large pot of stock or boil a couple of lobsters....etc.

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      Thanks once again Chem!

      You've been a big help this past week!

    2. 9 quarts seems awfully big for a small family. I could see using one at a rural hog killing or something similar but, to be honest I think that is too large for normal residential use. I have a 12 quart stock pot I use once or twice a year that now sits in a barn to be dusted off on those rare occasions I need it.

      Since this was a gift, how about taking it back for a couple of smaller more useful pieces?

      1. Well I'd keep it, but then my 7 1/4 is my most used LC. I just made a batch of chili in it with only 2 pounds of meat and the pot was full. The 9 qt would have given me a little more room when stirring.

        1. I'd keep it, but then I own an 8.75 qt. Staub cocotte. We tend to make large batches that we can freeze and heat up another day. We also have times when the entire family is at our house and for those times the roughly 9 qt. is essential. As was mentioned by Rasputina, two lbs. of meat goes a long way. I can't tell you the number of times my wife started out with our mid sized Staub and ended up transfering the ingredients to the larger cocotte. I make a mean Italian beef stew that fills the cocotte to the rim. I guess I could cut the recipe in half, but it's great to have this larger vessel for the occasions when 5 or 6 quarts just isn't enough.

          I think it's a lot easier to hang on to this one, than to justify the purchase in the future, this way you already have it when you need it, and you will be amazed at how many times you use it.

          1. What a wonderful gift! I'd keep it too. Like Mikie said, it's easier to keep it and know you have it vs. justifying buying it yourself. Enjoy!