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Nov 3, 2013 08:56 PM

Three perfect LV dinners!

We love great food, terrific service, great drinks, good wine list and quiet romantic atmosphere.

Among our favorites in the past have been Le Cirque and Alizé. We also like Bouchon, but it's not in the same league as Le Cirque. We will be in LV for 3 days in January. We'll almost certainly want to return to Le Cirque unless other CH's tell us that something has significantly changed there. Other CH's have said nice things about Twist and Hugo's Cellar downtown at the 4 Queens. The places we go need not be as formal as Le Cirque, as long as the other criteria are met.

Look again at the first sentence of my post. What 3 restaurants do you think would please us the most?

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  1. About 2 1/2 years ago I went to Vegas for my birthday. It was perfect. Dinner at Le Cirque the first night and Joel Robuchon the second. Robuchon was incredible. Of course I had to take out a second mortgage, make an early withdrawal of my IRA, rob a bank, and defund the kids' college fund to pay for it, but it was so worth it!

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      We really can't spend what JR costs. Le Cirque is bad enough, but JR is even more expensive.

    2. I would definitely include the Innovation menu at Guy Savoy and é by Jose Andres to add to Le Cirque.

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        We have eaten Jose Andres food before, and although we find it innovative and interesting, I think we'd prefer more mainstream choices this trip.

        1. re: josephnl

          While Twist's menu looks very interesting, I would definitely not consider Gagnaire's food to be "mainstream".

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            Twist is fantastic.

            Gagnaire's cuisine is anything but 'mainstream' - as a matter of fact, it is probably the most experimental food in Las Vegas. Just because he doesn't do a lot of 'mg' technique like Andres does not at all make his cuisine simple or classic.

            That said, I think Twist is the best restaurant in Las Vegas, but I have a fondness for Gagnaire's style.


      2. I like Sage and I think it would meet your criteria.

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          Yes, we like Sage a lot, and it's definitely on my list of possibles. Should we consider Twist or Hugo's??

        2. Sage is a great idea. Hugo's...I'd take a pass. I have been a couple of times and do not find it particularly great. If I am going downtown, I'd prefer Andiamo's, the new steak house at the D (which is not terribly romantic, but is very good, great service, table side cesar salad...all very good.). I'd also consider the Barrymore, which is a fun retro-ish place in the Royal Resort near the wind. We also really like Scarpetta; I think it fits the bill very well, especially if you can get a table over looking the fountains.

          1. While the hotel is not in the "upper league" here, Andre's at The Monte Carlo truly fits the bill. Go to the website and take a just might enjoy this one.

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            1. re: VegasGourmet

              Good to know; I've been interested to hear reviews about Andre's.

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                Like the Four Seasons at Mandalay Bay, Monte Carlo recently renovated top couple floors to be "exclusive" resort (not Four Seasons quality, but concept). Name escaping me at the moment.

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                  We've enjoyed Alizé in the past...same owner as Andre's. How do the two compare?