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Apr 24, 2005 12:27 PM

Austin Party and Food hotspots?

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I'll be throwing an engagement party for about 30 people this May and am looking for a place in Austin with good eats and good drinks that could accomodate that size group. Any ideas? The couple is late 20s, laid back, but loves good food.


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  1. A couple of ideas - the food ranges from good to great - but they are not gourmet, but appeal to that age group, size:

    Z Tejas (all kinds of food - but I love their fried spinich - the only way I will eat that particular green) - also pretty laid back.

    Chez Zee - they have a room set aside for groups about that size - great, great desserts!

    Trulocks - seafood - pricey, but good party room and some good wines by the glass - would not call it laid back though...

    Moonshine - good food, beautiful setting, but it is laid back.

    Good luck!