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Nov 3, 2013 06:05 PM

Near Royal George Theater

Seeing a show at the Royal George (1641 N. Halsted) and would like to take our 20-something son and his fiance for dinner before the show. Looking for any cuisine, moderately priced (mains in the 25 to 30 range) and walking distance or short cab to the theater.

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  1. Balena (Italian) or Boka (contemporary American) will be perfect. Walking distance to the theatre. Boka has a $38 three course pre theater option that may work well.

    1. There are several options in the area. My top recommendation for your group is Balena, 1633 N Halsted, right by the Royal George. I was having difficulty loading the Dinner menu on their website,, so if you can't see it there, try

      1. I completely agree with the others; Boka and Balena both would be outstanding choices and are a stone's throw away from the theater. Boka is one of my very favorite restaurants in Chicago and the pre-theater menu is a steal! Great cocktails and wine program at Boka and a wonderful staff. Upscale but comfortable vibe. If you opt to order a la carte it would just be a tad over your stated price point.

        Balena is a bit more casual, loud and energetic but also a great restaurant with wonderful food, people and cocktails. If ordering a la carte Balena is the less expensive of the two and within your stated price point.

        I would check out the menus at both of these restaurants and choose whichever is most appealing to your party. These restaurants are great choices even if you were not attending the theater - but in this situation choosing one of them is a no brainer.

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          Thanks to all. These both sound perfect.