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Nov 3, 2013 04:56 PM

Places to eat near Asheboro, NC?

Any recommendations for a good place to eat dinner in (or around) Asheboro, NC? We are planning on spending a weekend in Southern Pines and Asheboro and most likely will be in Asheboro at dinner time on a Saturday. Will be with our two little kids (who are good diners, so we don't have to stick to chains/fast casual) and would prefer some of the "better" options in the area. TIA

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  1. The only thing I can *not* recommend is Blue Mist Barbeque. It has been there for Ă«ons and it is TERRIBLE. Save your culinary treats for Southern Pines and Pinehurst!

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      I thought Blue Mist was pretty good, with the emphasis on "was". It closed this 4 months ago. I also question how helpful it is to tell people where not to go, without corresponding info on where to go. ymmv

    2. Thanks for the tips on what to possibly avoid. Any faves in SP/Pinehurst? Less worried as I know there are plenty of good options.

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        Hi (again). My favorites in Southern Pines are: Ashtens, Chef Warrens, and Vito's if you're in the mood for Italian. The nice folks at Vito's made amazing Osso Bucco for a group of us one night when we called beforehand and made it special order. Ashtens has a formal-type dining room + more relaxed bar room with big comfy chairs and other tables that would be nice for the little ones.

        I had a fabulous burger and even more fabulous Bloody Mary at the Bell Tree in Southern Pines not too long ago.

        In Pinehurst, I'm usually eating in the Ryder Cup Lounge at The Carolina resort (though I wouldn't necessarily say it is a food-destination, but certainly very respectable).

        I've had some great dinners and breakfasts at the Pinecrest hotel in PH (not affiliated with the Pinehurst resort complex/owned hotels):

        I haven't eaten at the Ironwood yet (and have been meaning to for the past 10 years), but have always heard very good things about it.