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Kitsilano Butcher

Can anyone recommend a great butcher in the area? Looking for organic, grass-fed, etc.

Will travel 30 mins or more to get to the best butcher in Van area, if there is one... ?

Many thanks.

Looking for something similar to Cumbrae's in Ontario, if you're familiar with it.

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  1. Pete's Meat - 16th and Arbutus.
    They are great!

    1. http://westbroadwaymeatco.com/

      all free range grass fed top quality i go there when I can't make it to the farmers market. they even have lard form pasture raise pork so can make my special pie crust again!

      PS try the hunter sausages:)

      1. Harkness & Co at Fraser & Broadway. Everything is from local, ethical sources and butchered in-house. They always have a terrific variety of sausages and the house-cured pancetta is delicious.

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          This sounds most like what I'm looking for...

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            The Honest Butcher is now the West Broadway Meat Co. The service is excellent and the product is great. I'm so glad they've moved into the neighbourhood.

          2. lol, 5 different reco's so far - is there no consensus?

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              in my experience, people who choose a butcher over a supermarket will try to find a local/neighbourhood business first.

            2. The Butcher @ 10th is nearby and has, I believe, grass-fed meats, etc., and dry ages as well. Their sausages are really good, and the service -- something else.

              1. I've been given an additional recommendation of Sebastian & Co. from a very reliable source.

                Any thoughts?

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                  I've been a regular customer at Sebastian & Co for a couple of years now. Their meats are always excellent and the service is great. The staff are friendly, know their products inside and out and are very accommodating when I ask for special orders or cuts. Whether you would want to drive to West Vancouver on a regular basis just to buy meat, I don't know... but if you want to know exactly where your meat comes from and want to buy it from a butcher obsessed with quality you can't find a much better butcher in the lower mainland.

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                    Sounds like exactly the kind of place I'm looking for. Are there any other places like it in the GVA?

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                      Not that I've found yet, but I've recently discovered West Broadway Meat Co. and so far I'm impressed with them. Their meat is good and they can tell you exactly where it came from. They have a great variety of fresh meat products for sale - I bought a rabbit from them a couple of weeks ago! - and they have been playing with neat flavours with their bacon (so far I've tried the coffee and garlic/thyme bacons - nice stuff, and sliced to order) and sausages. I wouldn't say this place is equivalent to Sebastian; it has a totally different feel, but the butchers are enthusiastic and very friendly guys who are keen to talk about their product.

                      And!...when I asked for lard and suet for baking, they were very happy to help me out. I've been calling around various places in the lower mainland trying to find anyone who could sell me organic beef suet to make Christmas puddings - even Sebastian doesn't have the facilities or the demand for such a thing to make it worthwhile for them to render the fat - but when I asked Lorne at West Broadway Meat for suet, he said "Sure, how much do you want?" :-)

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                        Just saw this excellent tip on suet. It's becoming harder and harder to get hold of, organic or not!

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                          Agreed, and the suet from WBMC is *just* suet - no weird additives like the non-organic variety sold in some supermarkets.

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                          I stopped into WBMC for the first time last week - picked up some very excellent naturally smoked and nitrate-free bacons (reg, and peppered) and ham. The ham was particularly delicious - smokey, very slightly sweet and porky. The latter got shredded into a soba soup I made with their excellent Ramen broth (pork based with bacon). The broth was unsalted other than what the bacon imparted - liked this as I could adjust to my taste. Haven't tried their fresh meats yet but will soon.

                  2. About a year ago I made it a point to visit many butcher shops. I was curious about service, ethical products, prices, quality. Here are a few of my views:

                    Windsor Meats (on Main): awesome service, decent prices, top quality meats. They are happy to cut to specifications, no matter how large or small the order. I once had them cut 2 inch think porterhouse steaks, that ended up being the best steaks I have ever cooked. Also, their marinated products are quite tasty Their sausages are average. Overall, the best in the city.

                    Pete's Meats: Great service, excellent quality, good sausages, Very inconsistent selection. I basically stopped buying here because it was impossible to know what they had in stock.

                    Harkness and Co: I visited here 3 times. Each time I had snotty service, and was generally disappointing with the selection.

                    Honest Butcher: It was great, really top notch. I haven't visited the shop that replaced it yet.

                    Rio Friendly Meats: Great prices, excellent sausages, not always the best quality. If you live in the area its worth a visit. Nice folks too!

                    Sebastian and Co: Great place, but its too far to drive to West Van for a butcher.

                    1. going way back - is that butcher shop near McGee High school still there - our moms used to depend on that place (too busy to take things out of the freezer inventory ;) - this shop would deliver in the "west of granville" area.

                      i remember the magnet on our fridge in the 80's - handy ph number for busy parents of the era.

                      i am wondering if it was Quality Meats - tho i thought it was on an east-west st (not north south) - might be mistaken about st location

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                      1. Have tried the honest butcher and Pete's meat so far. Although I had a striploin from the former and an aged ribeye from the latter, making it an unfair comparison of sorts, I much preferred Pete's.

                        I'll have to give them both another try on the same grounds however - an aged ribeye is generally how I measure all butchers.