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Nov 3, 2013 04:07 PM

800 Degrees Pizza coming to Pasadena

I was walking by Louise's Trattoria in Pasadena and saw a notice of a change in the liquor license posted on the window. Apparently 800 Degrees Pizza is opening up soon at this location.

It's in the heart of Old Town Pasadena on the southwest corner of Colorado & Fair Oaks.

I checked out their website and it seems like a cross between Settebello and Blaze Pizza.

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  1. i am very familiar with the pizza at the marina settebello and with the pizza at 800 degrees.
    i like both of them very much.
    i'm presuming you live near both.
    lucky you.

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      1. re: westsidegal

        por favor:
        other than the price, what are the differences between the pizzas at settebello and 800 degrees?

        1. re: linus

          the crust
          the tomato
          the bufala mozzarella

          1. re: westsidegal

            please, could you elaborate. your minimalist list wasn't helpful.

            1. re: linus

              my writing skills are unadequate to describe the differences in the textures and flavors of the crusts, the cheeses, and the tomatoes.

              i like both places and patronize both of them.
              maybe someone who is a better writer than i can give you the info you want.

              my apologies

              1. re: westsidegal

                Settebello is better.

                I, too, am not facile with the English language, linus, so apologies for the brevity.

                1. re: westsidegal

                  Think about what you said - describing the differences in the textures and flavors of the crusts, the cheeses, and the tomatoes!
                  Three items that if you never ate any of them again in your life you would live to tell about, and would probably be better off in doing so.
                  While all 3 items present personal variables, none are worthy of the attempt.

                  1. re: westsidegal

                    "i asked someone the time, and they told me how to build a watch."

            2. re: westsidegal

              I was going to start a new thread on this point today, after having eaten at Settebello this past Saturday for the first time, but instead I’ll just add to this thread. Despite a prior trip to Naples and many to other parts of Italy, I really didn’t learn what Napoletana-style pizza was until moving to LA and eating at Sotto, 800 Degrees, Piccolo Ritrovo (Palisades) and now Settebello (and reading in the recent LA Mag food edition about the VPN certification (FWIW) having been conferred on Settebello). I’m not sure I can or should say which is “better,” since it’s so subjective; but, I can say that Ritrovo’s pizza, despite its VERY good taste and texture and the detailed menu description of its purported Napoletana bona fides, was the one unlike the others and did not share the characteristics that I now understand to represent the Napoletana style; it was crispier throughout (though still very foldable), and actually caused me to ask the waiter whether we had been given their NY style by mistake (we hadn’t). As for the others, my taste recollection, based on only a single visit to each of the other 3 places, is that I liked Sotto the best, narrowly. And, if I had to judge based on my insignificant data, I’d barely choose 800 Degrees over Settebello. But, the fact is, as much as I enjoyed these pizzas, which is quite a bit, it’s definitely not my favorite style; I would much rather have what I consider to be more of a NY-style pizza – something crispy across the exterior layer of the entire bottom, but not charred or matzo-like (like St. Louis pizza), yet still foldable and chewy/glutenous. Maybe the same can be said of New Haven style and Roman style, I’m not sure. I also love what in some circles has come to be known as San Francisco-style pizza, of the type originated at Vicolo in about 1980, which has a corn meal coating and is slightly deep (and you can buy the crust alone at WFM), but not that deep dish ordeal from Chicago which was so nicely scorned recently on The Daily Show.

            3. If the lines @ Blaze just a few blocks east on Colorado are any indication this place is gonna be PACKED.

              1. I am not impressed with Blaze. Isn't 800 Degrees the pizza child of Umami Burger?

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                1. re: mc michael

                  Yes, 800 Degrees is part of the Umami enterprise. I’ve only tried it once but I recall the crust to be bland, which I don’t think pizza crusts should be; it needs to have a subtle flavor. I thought the overall taste of their pizza was so-so. Blaze Pizza’s crust is quite good actually – it’s got flavor and it’s thin and crisp – definitely one of the better pizzas around. And it’s pretty amazing that you get unlimited toppings for their price. But I do appreciate 800 Degrees coming up with the idea first.

                  1. re: chowchow12345678

                    Maybe it's just me, but I much prefer (for thin crust) The Luggage Room to Blaze.

                    1. re: mc michael

                      Blaze certainly has a much more casual/upscale fast food feel and I think the price certainly reflects that, but I definitely enjoy the crust at Blaze more than 800 which I've found usually soggy. There was a lady in line claiming her pizza at Blaze was overcooked due to splotches of black blisters and I just laughed.

                      1. re: Xan7hos

                        Yeah, I remember the crust at 800 to be soggy too -- yuck.

                2. Al, it is on the SE corner
                  Cheesecake is on the SW corner.
                  800 will do very well here.

                  1. My god I would eat 800' every day if they opened up a spot in noho/burbank

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                    1. re: ns1

                      Just made the connection that the Pasadena location is a stones throw away from Umami Burger; their Westwood location is similar in that Umami Mini is walking distance...I wonder if they're opening restaurants near each other.

                      1. re: Xan7hos

                        Yes when they can. And do keep in mind that there is an Umami in Toluca Lake, so ns1 is ready and waiting.

                        1. re: carter

                          that pizza joint next to chipotle is ripe for the taking. ready and waiting is an understatement.

                      2. re: ns1

                        ns1: when they first opened in westwood i DID arrange my week so that i could arrive at their door during the non-mob hours at least three times a week.
                        so worth it.

                        my friends thought i was nuts going to westwood at 11:30AM on sundays and at 3pm on the weekdays. . . .

                        1. re: westsidegal

                          Have to agree with wsgal there. I have little or no reason to be in Westwood these days, but I find myself timing the 11 a.m. opening of 800 deg. whenever I'm up that way. In and out, and no nonsense.