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Nov 3, 2013 04:01 PM

Detroit Suggestions


I am in my final year of studies and have yet to explore Detroit as much as I would have hoped. If you have any suggestions for a good lunch place for the week, and any dinner recommendations, it would be much appreciated.

I have tried to the following restaurants:
Green Dot Stables
Bronx Bar
Mexican Town

I have also been to a few other that were not memorable in the least.

Thanks for the help guys!

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  1. You need to get out to a fish house! SW Detroit, theres Scotty Simpson's Fish & Chips. Detroit, eastside, Sindbads for perch.

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      thanks! I will for sure check it out

    2. If you don't eat Middle Eastern in the Dearborn area, you're missing out. Al-Ameer on Warren, Ollie's on Ford Road, La Pita on Michigan, Kabob House on Telegraph—a few places to start.

      1. I'm a fan of Mudgie's but more for their soups and side items than for their mains and sandwiches.

        If you haven't been to Roast for Cocktail Hour and gone hog wild (pun only partially intended) on the Cocktail Hour menu at least once, you are definitely missing out. Get the burger and the BOTD tacos, and you'll be really happy.

        I still very much enjoy the chicken shawarma sandwich at Bucharest Grill, though others have reported that the quality is suffering a bit. I haven't noticed that myself, and I still think it's one of the best deals in the city along with Roast's Cocktail Hour.

        Polish Village Cafe in Hamtramck wouldn't hurt, either. Many menu items there are quite good, though honestly: I haven't been in a while. Last time I tried, the line was *way* too long, and the last time I physically ate there, it wasn't a good experience.

        The corned beef hash for breakfast at Hygrade Deli is quite good, but I don't think the sandwich they serve is anything special.

        Sugar House (next door to Slows) might be pricy and a major-league hipster magnet, but they really do know how to mix a great drink. I'd say it falls into the "costs a little more, but it's worth it" category.

        For high end, I have to admit that I've been quite impressed with Iridescence, and my initial experience at Jefferson House left me very, very happy with the kitchen there, from the head chef down to the pastry chef. I've heard differing experiences about the service there, but for me, the service was just fine.

        There's a bit of a start for you.

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          Thanks very much! I have been meaning to check out Roast and will be sure to report back.

        2. Traffic Jam & Snug for lunch or dinner. For fine dining I like the Coach Insignia. My favorite Polishi food in Hamtramck is Polonia.

          1. Great List Try Mine You'll LOVE them ALL

            REUBEN @ Hygrade Deli Detroit

            WINGS @ Sweetwater Tavern Detroit

            Weezie Burger @ Weezie's Dearborn

            Pozole @ Los Alto's Detroit

            Double Cheeseburger @ Motz Detroit

            Pizza Bread Beef Burger @ Vince's Detroit

            Chicken Breasts @ Pollo Chapin Detroit

            Sliders @ Green Dot Stables Detroit

            Breakfast @ Johnny's Ham King Detroit

            Coney Dogs @ Duly's Detroit

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              Johnny's Ham King is closed, done, gone. The building has new owners.

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                thanks! I also checked out Vinsetta Garage in Royal Oak, I had the Duck Burger for my main and shares the mac and cheese, disco fries, deep fried cheese curds, and the salted caramel milk shake with my friends. A HEALTHY MEAL I KNOW but well worth it, also check that if you get the chance!