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Nov 3, 2013 03:25 PM

Cedar Park Post Season Soccer Party Place

I need a place to go next Sunday after our last soccer game of the season. About 30-35 people. Is Yaghi's pizza decent or is it just chainpizza? I really don't want Sysco's Special Pizza- anything like Little Deli or Salvation out there in the burbs?

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  1. Might be a bit hard to seat 30-35 people at Little Deli, but their pizza is awesome. Maybe call them? I did go to Yaghi's once but I can't remember anything about it!

    1. Yaghi's pizza is more than decent. Not sure if the location can hold more that many people. Give them a call though.

      Might want to look into Brooklyn Height's at Parmer and Avery Ranch. I really like their food - from apps, to salads, to meatball subs to pizza.

      Otherwise, Reunion Grill has a big space, though the food is hit or miss.

      1. Yaghi's is good and will work with large groups. You won't be able to fit that many people in there, but you could get it to go and eat at Milburn park. Lots of picnic tables and a covered pavillion.