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Nov 3, 2013 03:20 PM

North Adams - current status?

I couldn't find much on eating in North Adams or nearby that was recent. My wife and 2 3/4 year old son are heading out there for a weekend this weekend to hit Mass MoCA and likely drive up Mt. Greylock.

What might be good for a Saturday lunch or dinner? No allergies, or aversions to particular types of cuisine. Just want a meal by someone who knows how to cook something unique or really tasty. And anything else in the area - farm, grocery, worth stopping at for some Western MA flavor? Any advice for a Rt 2 drive home on Sunday lunch would be appreciated as well..

No need for white glove, and with the Boy, will likely be eating early.

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  1. For huge way home stop at the wagon wheel in Gill. Wonderful casual food, locally sourced

    Grammercy bistro in NA is well regarded but no personal experience.

    1. We've always had lunch right at the museum, and never been disappointed. Salads, sandwiches, soups, etc. As far as what's in the area, you really should venture out to Williamstown to Cricket Creek Farms where they sell their own cheeses, and your son can pet the cows. They make a Berkshire Bloom soft cheese that is out of this world. There's also a bakery in a funky A-frame building on route 7, on the way to the farm, that is quite good.

      1. Not much in North Adams.. ended up eating at the Hub for dinner, which was family friendly and decent food. I actually like Jack's Hot Dog Shop for lunch. There was a spattering of other ethnic options, and a place by the museum that seemed more upscale..

        My wife and son ate at the Mass MoCA, which was fine - nothing amazing, but not bad.

        1. I haven't been here but was curious about it because the menu looked promising. Public Eat & Drink.