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Nov 3, 2013 01:20 PM

Trip Report: Tel Aviv

I spent nine days in Tel Aviv in mid-October. I've written on my blog in a bit more detail about where and what I ate (including photos - some are better than others!)


With that being said, I can say that Tel Aviv is one of the best eating cities I've been to - fresh and local ingredients, really innovative preparations that reference both local cuisine and others from around the world.

I think my favorite meal was Gedera 26 - amazing house-made bratwurst. Plus a cilantro pesto served before the meal was phenomenal.

And Cafe 48 had really great food, along with the friendliest service I encountered. It was the one place I visited twice!

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  1. Cool ! Glad you had a good time.. At Mizlala your main dish was veal loin, dates chutny, Liquorice cream, purple onion, coriander seeds, candied walnuts, celery, sweet potato tortellini and mandarin vinaigrette - now this is a combination i should try there :-)
    The pide place around the corner, is of course "the miznon", brainchild of eccentric chef Eyal Shani, very successful place which i find a bit hard to "digest", but many many like..
    Thanks for reporting back !

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      Thanks for the tip re. Miznon - I've updated my post!

    2. Hi Eric,

      Glad you enjoyed Habasta. It's one of my favorites. I haven't been to Cafe 48 yet, but now, after reading your enthusiastic reviews, I'll be sure to go. I'm also looking forward to trying Gedera 26. This is a place I hadn't known about, so thanks for the tip!

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        My pleasure! I've gotten a lot of great advice from the boards, so I try to pay it forward.

        Cafe 48 seems to do an especially good job with their Asian-inspired starters - that was my experience certainly. It is one of those places I had a hard time deciding what to order, since so much of what's on the menu sounds good. And the list of specials was quite large.

        As for Gedera 26, really great food. I thought the service was a little iffy (though the chef very, very friendly and personable) - but I hesitate to make too much of my impression of the service, since it could just as easily be a product of the language barrier - I don't speak any Hebrew.