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Nov 3, 2013 12:03 PM

Lunch spots/Late night spots and best momfuko?

Hubby and I returning to NYC after a few years (we had a baby) away. We've been to Babbo, Coliccio and Sons, Bar Americain and Morimoto (hubby notable an Iron Chef fan) among others.

Arrive afternoon Weds 12/4, staying near MSG, want a small bite to eat- maybe the Nomad, altho their suckling pig prob doesnt qualify as a small bite...but I can't stop thinking of the crispy skin
Dinner Weds night- Le Bernadin 7:30pm

Going to Empire state building that night, anywhere nearby for late drinks that we can be dressed up at?

Breakfast Thurs- hotel
Lunch Thurs-?
Dinner Thurs- Hoping for Gramercy Tavern (can call Thurdsday)
Late night- Murrays cheeseshop (Former Seattlites)

Breakfast Fri- hotel
Lunch Fri- Maybe chelsea market tour (is there an outstanding food tour you would rec or should we not bother?)
Dinner Fri- Prob one of the Momofuko's, havent decided which...
Late night drinks/snacks with friends- ?
Sat am- Breakfast or Brunch undecided- flight leaves JFK @ 2:40pm

Been thinking about David Burkes place, The NoMad, Benoit for cassoulet, Lupa or Eataly (want some rustic italian), maybe Pearl Oyster little time, so much food! Typing this out makes me wish we had another day, but I know I'll be eager to get home to my little one. Its just hubby and I, we could have a 3rd and 4th on Friday but not making dinner plans around them. Would like to not completely empty our wallets Friday Dinner since we are spending a good amount Weds/Thurs. Thanks :)

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  1. Post ESB you could walk to the Library at the NoMad or Flatiron Room. And further south are Milk & Honey and the bar at Eleven Madison Park. Maybe Middle Branch or Grace if you want to go East

    Pearl would be great for Thursday lunch. They only do weekday lunch.

    Late night, I assume you mean Murray's Cheese Bar, not the store.

    I love exploring Chelsea Market on my own, not sure a tour is necessary.

    Dinner could be at Momofuku Ssam Bar with drinks at Booker & Dax afterwards right next door.

    Near MSG, I would do brunch at the Breslin.

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    1. re: kathryn

      Great suggestions, thanks so much! Thinking NY I was thinking Murrays- I meant Beecher's NYC, The Cellar, doh (hence the seattle reference). I'm sure we'll make some snacks at Murray's as well but in the am/early afternoons between touristy stuff.

      So you think the MF Ssam bar is the best of them? How hard is it to get in on a Friday night, I dont believe they do reservations right? Ko was intriguing to me, but wasn't eager for the $125 prix fix altho I would do it if we could get a reservation!
      EMP was initially on my list for dinner, but Gramercy Park just beat it for me. Good choice?

      What are the must see's/eats in the market?

      1. re: jme1beachbum

        Momofuku Ssam is one of my favorites of all time. On a Friday night, the wait for two will probably be about 45-60 minutes but you can wait at Booker & Dax next door. They'll text when a table is ready. No reservations unless you're doing a large group meal. But that's a set meal and you'll be able to try more if you don't do that.

        EMP is a HARD reservation to get now (esp for two) and they only offer a single, expensive tasting menu. May be out of your budget at $225pp (up from $195 recently). No prix fixe.

        Chelsea Market:

        Also if you like suckling pig with crispy skin, Txikito typically has it as a special every night. Not too far from the MSG area.

        1. re: kathryn

          Just a note to add that Gramercy Tavern is not a hard reservation, nor is it in the same league as EMP. If EMP is within your budget (and you can get a res), it is lightyears above GT.

          1. re: loratliff

            I have been wanting to go to Gramercy Tavern since the last time we went to NY, thats what made me choose them over EMP. I'm sure next time I'll pick EMP over the new trendy place, lol. Thank you tho. Thinking we'll slip into the bar after the empire state building for a few drinks and small plates?
            I love the idea of Txikito, any other dishes you recommend. Still torn on brunch- need a reservation for 11 (or earlier) since our flight leaves at 2:40 we'll need to go straight to JFK. Do you know if they serve the cassoulet at Benoit for weekend brunch and is it overall better than The NoMad?

            1. re: jme1beachbum

              At txikito we really enjoyed:
              - grilled head on shrimp
              - pil pil (bacalao)
              -boqueron (cold anchovies)
              - tutera (artichoke gratin)

              The piperrak (grilled peppers) were good, but same as other tapas places. The laminas de seta mushroom dish was the least favorite- love mushrooms but were chilled thin kind of rubbery slices.
              The wine by the glass selection is great, and the red sangria has a nice hint of cinnamon.