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Szechuan 99 in Edmonds, what's going on?

schnitzle Nov 3, 2013 10:51 AM

I loved going to Szechuan 99 for their special tofu dishes, but then I saw they closed for remodel. Now that they're reopened I was going to check it out until I read the recent Yelp reviews! What's happened? I read that Chef Huang is gone and management has changed. Does anyone have the scoop? I'd follow Huang anywhere for that mapo tofu!

  1. ritabwh Nov 3, 2013 04:30 PM

    i was just about to post!
    szechuan 99 has been sold and is now A Taste Of Sichuan.
    the chef is the chef from utah who was the first chef at Szechuan Garden that opened maybe a year ago. the menu at a taste of sichuan is very similar to his menu at szechuan garden.
    the old building has been cleaned up, new paint, new carpet. the bar is gone. it is now a private banquet room. the special taste of sichuan noodle was merely meh for me.
    the waitress could not point me to my favorite, the fiery fish stew (the one with the cabbage) on the menu.
    there are some different items on the menu so i will return to try them. next time i go, i will ask the waitress what happened to chef huang. she was head waitress at szechuan 99, then went ot szechuan garden and is now back at a taste of sichuan.

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    1. re: ritabwh
      schnitzle Nov 3, 2013 06:01 PM

      Thank you so much for your reply! No spicy stew fish?! That's so sad because it was our favorite too. At least we can get a decent version at Chiang's. But that mapo tofu....I'll miss it :(

      I should be brave and check A Taste of Sichuan, but I was scared by the yelp reviews and we ended up going elsewhere. I appreciate hearing about your noodle experience. I'm glad to hear that they kept the head waitress since she is so sweet. If you do get a chance to ask her please do post what you find out!

      1. re: ritabwh
        HungWeiLo Nov 4, 2013 01:58 PM

        Interestingly, "A Taste of Sichuan" is the name of the restaurant in Portland (well, nearby Beaverton) opened by the owners of Bamboo Garden.

      2. b
        BMooey Nov 15, 2013 01:59 PM

        Where would you get your second-best mapo tofu?

        I used to have a favorite --from a restaurant on Lake City Way. It was called Golden Fortune or something like that. Run by an older couple from Taiwan. She was out front, he was in the kitchen, with just one other person. They did everything from scratch. You could see into the kitchen. Sadly, they retired long ago. It's been what I think is a popular Thai restaurant now for a long time (Phayathai).

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        1. re: BMooey
          schnitzle Nov 15, 2013 04:55 PM

          It's so sad when we lose a favorite restaurant isn't it?!

          My second favorite would be at Seven Star Pepper. :)

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