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Nov 3, 2013 10:44 AM

Food Truck Help! Toronto

Our company wants to arrange for 2 trucks from 5pm-8pm one day, early December. It's our Christmas party of 100-150 people.

What two trucks would you want to have onsite if you could choose any two?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. have heard people say good things about food cabbie. there was a lot of love here on CH for the now closed goody's diner...they have a catering company too. good luck.

    1. When you set this up make sure you carefully discuss menu with the truck operators, 150 people, two trucks, three hours that's 25 orders an hour or a little under 2 1/2 minutes per order, and that's assuming some of your guests would be willing to wait 3 hours to get some food.

      There are just some dishes that can't be cranked out that fast so make sure you work with the truck operators to make sure that there will be some stuff they can make fast and get something into most guests hands within the first hour.

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      1. re: bytepusher

        Yes that is a good point - thanks. I will create a set menu with them for sure! And we will serve trays of food.

      2. I would recommend Food Dudes, or, at least talking to them. They have a food truck but also a catering business. Never been on the "client" end in terms of organizing an event but had their food both at a party and from their truck and it was good both times:

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        1. re: ylsf

          Thanks ylsf. It doesn't seem like there is as much love for food trucks on here like I had anticipated. Are there really no great stand out trucks?

          I will check out Food Dudes for sure but I thought of them as more of a catering company than a grassroots ft.

        2. Two stand-out food trucks for me are El Gastronomo Vagabundo and Tide and Vine A close 3rd is Dirty South
          Sounds like a fun event!

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          1. re: hungryjoanne

            Thanks everyone who shared their input. I have to say how surprised I was to find that many trucks are not interested to work "outside the box" Food Dudes had great catering choices but their food truck was not available as an option for us.

            We're using Caplansky's. Not only have they been extremely amenable but they are also highly professional with quick, detailed responses. The event is next week and we are hoping for a great time!

            I will be sure to report back!

            1. re: chowfinder

              yeah, the other suggestions were head scratchers. Food Cabbie? Alrighty, then.

              I would have suggested:
              Caplansky's (Zane knows how to utilize that truck)
              El Gastro Vag - except he's in Hamilton
              Fidel Gastro's

              Those would be my top tier. Then you have all the other dudes, except some just opened restos, so no idea how flexible they are.

              1. re: atomeyes

                After doing the research I can say you are bang on.

                Caplansky is setting up a carving station inside for made-to-order sandwiches and the truck is supplying all the fried/hot items like fries and reuben spring rolls. Servers will bring the food indoors on trays. It is actually a pretty great set up that we've planned. The truck is there so we can have freshly made hot food, but our guests won't have to go out in the cold.

          2. I see I never reported back! ooops!!

            The event was fantastic. We had a great turnout and my guests were absolutely blown away by the catering, as was I.

            The Caplansky truck arrived along with the servers in perfect time to be set up and ready for our first guests. Both servers and the meat carver were professional and appropriately dressed and groomed. They were super friendly and very well organized. The carving station was always kept immaculate. I was so impressed with the whole operation.

            The food was a BIG hit. The smoked meat was what you know it to be and I would say that we got lucky as it was truly at its best. While few of my guests would have been SM connoisseurs, they certainly know good food when they taste it. It was juicy, tender and nicely smoked. The real surprise was how fantastic the smoked turkey turned out. Super moist and delicious!

            While guests were custom served at the carving station, the servers walked around with trays of hot food made on the truck. They did a great job pacing the flow of changing items. The fries, poutine and fried pickles were a huge hit as were the Rueben spring rolls. The latkes went over well but those who knew better weren't so impressed.

            The whole concept of a carving station and a kitchen on wheels with great servers is brilliant. They transformed my offices into an event space and took all of the "clean up" with them, leaving behind nothing but satisfaction and amazing leftover brisket and turkey! ; )

            All in all an experience that was truly great!

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            1. re: chowfinder

              Thanks for the feedback.

              I am curious as to how they structured compensation - was it per person, per order, did they charge you to just show up, etc?

              1. re: Sadistick

                They have a dedicated person for catering who was a great help. I chose my preferred items from the available menu and she recommended quantities for the approx. 100 guests who RSVP'd. The quote was tabulated based on the portions of each item, set up/truck/propane, and a very fair hourly rate for the servers.

                Forgot to mention the maple bacon donuts which were super good.