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Nov 3, 2013 10:37 AM

Janetira Thai, Soho, London

Pleasant fried chicken wings, topped with green onion, peanuts and a garlicky soy-based sauce.

Pretty good raad naah, flat kuay teow rice noodles with a bit of wok flavour, topped with a starchy (and very slightly lumpy) sauce, along with slices of pork and gailan/chinese broccoli. A very faint greasy flavour, but nothing damning. Was very nice after it was perked by by the chilli powder from the set of condiments that they provided.

Nice on the whole but these dishes were not in the same league as the food from the Heron or the Kaosarn of a couple years ago.

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  1. I liked having pickled chillis with "kuay teow raad naah". The Thais probably learnt the pickling process from the Thai-Chinese, where pickling chillis helped blunt the sharp bite of the explosive "phrik kee noo" peppers. The sweet-sour vinegarish pickling liquid also works wonders in pepping up the otherwise meaty/eggy "raad naah" sauce - something I preferred over the use of fish sauce ("nam pla").

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      Funny you mentioned that - I was looking for pickled chilli but it wasn't among the 4 condiments, one of which was chilli powder. Fish sauce, sugar, vinegar were the others iirc.

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        Oh yes, sugar & vinegar are 2 other condiments which I'd add to kuay teow raad naah. Many casual eateries serving noodles or khao tom/rice porridge (the Chaozhou sort - with cooked rice in fish or seafood soup) in Thailand do not have pickled chillis but the cheaper powdered chilli.

    2. Had some delicious food here in the two visits I've made. First time, didn't try much, we dropped in after a meal elsewhere was so disappointing (and minuscule) that we needed more. Second time, tried a few more dishes.

      Particularly liked the tamarind eggs and the kuay tiew rice noodles. The som tum thai salad was so hot it actually made tears leak out of my eyes, but I loved the flavour balance... massaman lamb was on the bone, but so soft it fell off it, very generous portion for the price and I thought it delicious. moo ping skewers were pleasant, nicely cooked so moist, nice flavour.

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        I had lunch there today too !(it's a local) The best consistently good Thai in central London in my opinion. The menu has continued to evolve and has some lovely rare dishes I haven't seen elsewhere in London. The crispy pork dish of large soy marinated lardons with gai lan like greens and chilli is great and classics like Pad Thai are handled well. Worth a revisit if you haven't been since the summer.