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Nov 3, 2013 07:40 AM

A Visit to the North Fork of Long Island, from Channel 12 News

Segments on Krupski's Farm Stand, Miloski's Poultry Farm, and Baiting Hollow Vineyard and Horse Rescue. Warning, about 20 minutes long. But very enjoyable!

Also check below this video for other features, like Ty Llewyn raw milk, and the new hop farms.

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  1. I have a few episodes of The East End saved on the DVR. I think it was on almost weekly, now more occasionally. I always enjoy the show and love the NoFo. Hoping to be out there tomorrow...

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    1. re: MacTAC

      I think it's on Saturday mornings, but I don't always remember. Thank goodness for the internet!

      1. re: coll

        Second that!

        It was on Saturday mornings, repeated during the day and Sunday too but now it's on Saturdays at 6:30, repeated Sunday but not every week.

        1. re: MacTAC

          With winter coming, maybe I can get back into a TV schedule! I'm always amazed at what I see with Doug Geed. And by the way for everyone else, the show is the Nov 2 one.