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Nov 3, 2013 07:18 AM

Turkey Chops

I happened to be reading an article in USA Today, about the 10 best soul food in America. The article mentioned that one of them was located in a part of Philly that had a large Black Muslim community, so they served turkey chops instead of pork chops. Has anyone ever used seen kosher turkey chops and what have you done with them?

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    1. My butcher carries these. The way they're cut up, there's a round bone in them. I made them in the summer, marinated in BBQ sauce and garlic powder, and cooked on the grill. They were fine. Not great, but quick and easy, and good enough especially since I like to grill outside in the summer, but I don't want to have red meat all that often.

      1. I used turkey cutlets to make schnitzel -

        1. hmmmm, im not a big turkey fan but im intrigued. im thinking brine, smoke, ziplock in a water bag with olive oil & lots of herbs d provence, & quick sear. i think ill try this actually.

          1. I have a recipe for turkey osso bucco that I make sometimes that calls for turkey chops. Easy and very tasty