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Nov 3, 2013 05:44 AM

PollyO cheese recalled

I know these were recently marked with an OUD
The cheese sticks (string cheese) were recalled recently- all packages with dates up to February 2014.
Had 6 packages in my fridge, and Kraft issued me a refund check & coupons.
Letting everyone know to watch out bc I saw these on the shelf in a kosher brooklyn supermarket. They had no idea they were recalled till I told them

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  1. More info here, since the above is helpful but not enough for those of us who were curious as to WHY it got recalled ;)

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        There were preprinted signs on the hooks for Polly-o String Cheese at my local Stop and Shop stating that the Polly-O String Cheese had been recalled due to mistakes in expiration dates printed on the packaging. None had expired, but some might expire before the dates printed on the packaging.

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          I haven't seen anything here. Either way, it's good to get the UPC numbers, etc. so I shared that with the rest of the CHOW regulars.